A swimsuit to rule them all is this “Light Saber – the Star Wars swimsuit” by the edgy Black Milk brand in Australia. The Blackmilk australian brand continues to make points with hot and geeky girls as they offer a Lord Of The Ring swimsuit! These swimsuits, feature Gandalf, Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas and the other characters of the Lord of the Rings saga.

It’s a little bit tacky and a whole lot of cute! One thing we are taught by the Black Milk brand it that it’s OK to be different, and find other ways to stand out than just wearing a skimpy bikini. This look is for the girl with a little edge, quirky, and some attitude. Goes to show you that developing your own style is adorable-ness.

Black Milk lord of the rings swimsuits



I recently came upon this chic retro inspired swimsuit for tetris gaming fans.  It was featured on a blog website called If its hip it’s here.  This cute black design is sexy with colorful fun inspired geometric blocks and sexy matching leggings.

Retro swimsuit and leggings matching set

This swimsuit is put out by Black Milk Clothing of Australia.  Their fabulous leggings and swimsuits have been around for a while.  This retro game design pattern is inspired by the classic video game called Tetris.  Designed by James Lillis this swimsuit and legging set is made of Polyester/Spandex.  It was limited edition, so  is sold out and no longer made, although you can probably find this set by surfing the web for resale swimwear.

You have the legs, now get the bod. You can even swim in them. That was the logo for this cool retro gamer swimsuit set.  You’ve got to go check out the store Black Milk Clothing.  They have really cool museum like designs.  What a cool, hip store!  Black Milk Clothing company of Australia sells leggings, swimsuits, bodysuits, skirts, tops, catsuits, suspenders, jackets, gym clothes, and shorts. 

Limited edition Australian swimwear

Australia’s Black Milk Clothing features cool one of a kind designs with themes like adventure time, hogwarts, star wars, middle earth, mass effect, sesame street, corpse bride, nightmare on elm streets and gremlins LOL.  So retro.  Their prints on their one piece swimsuit malloc are literally the coolest ever!  Pretty much everything this ingenious clothing company puts out is limited edition.  Their swimsuits are modeled with platform combat boots.

Black Milk Clothing

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