This is a new sexy one piece monokini swim-suit.  It is stretch faux suede pucker-back deep plunging monokini with antique studs and center O-ring. I found it on a site called Pink Basis. Made in USA. This is a monokini look that is increasingly popular this year. It’s got the center O-ring at the belly button.

The brown suede fabric with the brass antique studs make this mono-bikini new and different looking.  This is similar to a hot jungle inspired look without the jungle print!  The brass studs and hardware make this swimsuit a standout. The model is gorgeous too! Love the tribal inspired necklace as an accessory.

Notice that the bottom bikini portion of this swimsuit cuts straight across her waist in a boy-short inspired hipster style. You better have slim hips and waist like her to pull off this look on bottom. She has a long torso and is slender through her hips and legs which is a perfect body type for this particular swimsuit style.  As with all monokinis, be sure to wear ample sunscreen so that you do not get bizarre tan lines.  Try a mystic spray on tan and cover up your skin with ample sunscreen protection at the beach.

Pink basis swimsuits

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