I found this Amore & Sorvete adorable florot swimsuit featured on a fashion review website called Designed by Wa.  The author describes her wonderful journey through Dunsborough Australia’s local clothing boutiques. Her shopping adventure started with a trendy little boutique called Milc.  

Milc is a favourite of the Australian locals because it is always jam-packed full of original clothes, accessories, and other cute gift shop treasures.  Most of the one of a kind garments and accessories in Milc reflect an Australian summer-time boho vibe through the relaxed designs and casual textiles.

Australian swimsuit designers

This summer was no different to any other time as the author describes racks and display cabinets sporting some of the trendiest Australian labels including Amore & Sorvete, Grace & Scarper and Zahir.  This adorable one of a kind Amore & Sorvete bikini is right at home in Milc. I just love the sweet pastels prints that designers, Bridgette and Kestel, used in their latest collection.

This beautiful floral print teamed with soft ruffles and feminine cuts makes for a very stunningly feminine swimsuit.  This bikini exudes a sweet and sexy look at the very same time.  What you can learn from this Amore & Sorvete swimsuit styling is that girly femininity and frills can be wonderfully sexy.  It exudes youth and playfulness. Rather than a loud neon print, a soft floral print such as this can be entirely charming.  The top is unique and can work wonderfully with a small chest or petite figure.

Amore & Sorvete

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