This tankini swimsuit with a fun halter top and boyshorts for a woman is just adorable.  But let me say that tankinis are a tough sell.  Here is the secret about tankinis.  To pull off a tankini look, you have to look so great that in reality if you have a tankini figure you probably wouldn’t wear a tankini at all because you wouldn’t need to.

When to wear a boyshort tankini swimsuit

Tankinis are exceptionally hard to look good in.  Though they may cover more of the body, they may not do so in a flattering manner. Plus size women are likely better off with a demure one piece and light weight open front coverup. Tankinis are great for athletic girls and athletic situations, and exercising in a swim oriented situation. For example, a tankini would be a great swimsuit for the girl who is playing paddle ball, volleyball, or just for running on the beach and working out in a beach environment.

Tankinis while they sell as a slenderizing alternative to the swimsuit, are even harder to look good in than an actual swimsuit!  That being said, if you have the right figure and can look good in a tankini then trust me you are really going to be a standout.  That girl who dares to wear a tankini is going to be that one in a million girl.  After all, think how hot boyshort lingerie can look.  It’s the same idea for tankinis, if you look good in boyshorts you will look really great in a tankini with boyshorts.

Knockouts in a tankini

So, what type of woman will be able to pull off a tankini? One that is slender, athletic, or has long nice legs.  Certain women have the type of figure that they have great legs, maybe long and shapely, and issues with their body lie elsewhere.  For example, if you have a little pot-belly but really nice long legs then a tankini can be the perfect choice for you. 

A tight boyshort can also look sexy on a Kim Kardashian style apple-bottom because it shapes to the curves. A shapely voluptuous body can look good in a boyshort because it acts like a girdle or body shaper. A tankini will hide the tummy yet show off the legs. A slender or very petite woman can also pull off a tankini look nicely.

Just remember, if you are slender, athletic, petite, or have nice long legs, a tankini can be the right look for you.  Boyshorts look wonderful on a nice pair of legs.  The one in a million girl who will be a knockout in a tankini, is the one who doesn’t really need to be wearing one.  If you have a great figure then dare to be different.  Wear a playful tankini and you’ll look different and demure.  Having a great figure then wearing a tankini style boyshort a great way to stand out in a bikini bottom clad crowd.

Boyshorts for women

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