If you are the type that wouldn’t be caught dead in a swimsuit, swimsuit season is daunting. But never fear, you can still get that beach look without necessarily wearing a bikini! You can have fun at the beach or pool without having to compete or wear something skimpy! Try a casual coverup in a neutral color to throw over your swimsuit. You can use it for walking around, getting a snack or sitting poolside. The only time you have to wear the bikini is when you are in your lounge chair, or in the pool or ocean. Perfect! This might sound funny, but many women just don’t feel comfortable in a bikini or even a one piece. That is where the beach cover up comes to save the day.

If you are in beach cover up mode, have your underlying swimsuit be as simple as possible, a once piece mallet or two peace in a neutral color. Then throw your cover up over it, and voila. You’re beach appropriate but not in a bikini. There are lots of women that aren’t keen to get in the water so if any one asks why you aren’t swimming just shrug it off and blame it on your hair. Nobody should wear what makes them self conscious. At the same time though, beach and pool time are fun. Just cover up a bit and your confidence will come back to you tenfold.

I found this inexpensive cover up on DH Gate. DH Gate has great deals on discounted apparel. All you need to know is that plenty of women just won’t wear a swimsuit, so if that is you, you are not alone :-).

Beach cover up


swimsuit-bottoms I found this adorable swimsuit listed on the web site DHgate, which is a fast trading place for cute apparel and accessories. It was advertised as Newest Green/White Summer Sexy Women Bikini Swimwear Fringe Tassel Dolly Bandeau Top and Bottom Girl Lady Swimsuit Bathing Suit. Would you believe the price for this resale was less than twenty dollars? Now, that is a good deal! I’ve seen this same swimsuit style available from L*Space swimwear in a variety of color variations and styles. I just love L*Space. If you find an L*Space swimsuit on sale and it looks good on your figure then you should definitely because they are such a popular brand that the prices stay stable. It’s hard to find L*Space on sale. They do have sales, I recently bought an L*Space bikini bottom at Val Surf for less than 20 dollars but notice that was for just one piece.

Best bikini bottoms ever! L*Space style

Here is why L*Space is so great. These designers find ways to make swimsuits look flattering without having to wear itty bitty styles. What I love here 10 times more than the top is these scoop bottoms! Look at these bottoms. These are bottoms that do give you way more coverage than a string tie bikini bottom. In the right size these bottoms are going to fit well, look great and give coverage to a variety of figure types. They you’ve got the kicker with is those cute cutouts in the bottoms. Notice it is not too much skin but just enough peekaboo to give a sexy string bikini look. I love these peek-a-boo bottoms. You should check out L*Space for a variety of swimsuit bottoms with these adorable cutouts at the hips. This style has been copied by so many swimsuit designers as will. It’s a style available in many brands now because it’s cute and the bottoms flatter while giving enough coverage to women. I’ve bought these exact bottoms in black with the cutouts and they were from Pac Sun under the Pac Sun brand name.

Cut out bikini scoop bottoms



Wow I love these summer beach bikini wraps.  I found them on a trading website (similar to Amazon or Ebay or Etsy) called  The seller is named Renhe896.  These are from China where sizes do run small so try to order one size up if you aren’t sure.  What gorgeous beach wrap skirts.  I love this one pictured as it looks summery, breezy and beautiful.

China style bikini skirt

Sarongs are great for covering figure flaws, so consider getting one.  What flatters about the sarong is that they are feminine while still covering and concealing the lower body flaws.  If you get a sarong try for a color that compliments or matches your swimsuit.  Feminine, frilly sarongs looks sexy.  Check out DHgate for more ideas.

The one thing to remember when purchasing a sarong is to stick with a thin lightweight material.  If the material of the sarong or wrap skirt is too bulky it will look boxy.  Also make sure it is not huge to where you need to wrap it around numerous times.  That will just add weight and bulk making you look heavier.  Keep your sarong lightweight, and feminine.  I just love this bright and breezy look, including the headband!

Beach wrap sarong from DHgate

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