The stormy shade of gray is flattering for all body types and a great alternative to the typical black swimsuit.  The black swimsuit is a comfort zone, but when you have a plus sized body and you wear an all black swimsuit without much skin showing, the look can be more like whale than anything else.  Black can be too much black, and it requires some skin to show to break up the harsh color.

Gray swimsuits

Gray on the other hand, is a little softer and easier on the eyes.  This is good news for the plus size woman as it creates a sleeker slimmer look.  You have so many options with black from light silver-gray to slate or pewter and charcoal gray.  Check out the different shades and see what flatters your skin tone and body the best. 

This swimsuit shows that breaking away from the classic black swimsuit can be a good thing.  I found this swimsuit on Zilily.  Zulily features boutique finds and has adorable maternity swimsuits for women.  You can find great savings and new items every day featured on the Zulily website. 

This gray swimsuit is sweet.  It is by Pez D’or called the black Maldivas maternity one-piece.  PezDor has been putting out premium maternity swimwear for years and their brand is featured on many swimsuit online stores.  Your baby bump will be well concealed here with this darker gray color and sweet bow to distract eye attention up.

Gray flatters a pear-shaped body

If you are bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top this figure concern is coined pear shape.  A gray swimsuit such as the one shown here can be very flattering on a pear-shaped body.  To balance out larger hips and bottoms look for wide-set straps and jeweled detail at the center of the suit that accent the chest.  This draws the eyes attention away from the lower body and upwards towards the check area which gives you a surgery free body-lift effect.

Gray swimsuit is the new black swimsuit



Ask me to find a decent looking swimdress and I will say Ugh. Swimdresses are just so hard to find. Most look bizarre. Most look like you are seriously trying to hide something. Most look like you wonder what the heck you are wearing. Needless to say, a good swimdress is like finding a needle in a haystack.  This Ujena swimdress, is the needle in the haystack.  Found!

Babydoll inspired swimdress

This super slenderizing swimdress actually looks sexy! Leave it to Ujena USA to come up with a swim dress that is actually … sexy!  One of the reasons this swimdress succeeds is that it looks like it isen’t a swimdress. It looks more like a babydoll inspired 2 piece swimsuit. I love this! The bottoms give plenty of coverage and the top looks like a little mini-dress being used as a cover up.

The sheer netted material adds the little peekaboo look to this Ujena suit. Even though it is see through, it can cover some figure flaws lurking beneath. If you are large but relatively in shape, this little babydoll swimdress could work out quite well.

Ujena USA swimdress

This babydoll swimdress comes paired with a full coverage bottom. The advantage of the dress is that you can feel super comfortable at the pool or walking down the boardwalk window shopping. It looks like a sexy sundress or beach coverup.  If you dress up this swimdress with some accessories you will look like you are ready for the Beverly Hills pool.  If you are body self-conscious you can wear this with ease, and read a book under the warm sun without feeling isecure about your belly showing.

This swimdress would Work great for showing off maternity too! The possibilities are endless. This suit has crisscrossed straps in the back.  The swimdress top is hip length with a sheer skirt and comfortable criss cross back straps. The matching bottom is fully lined with high waist and full coverage back. The material is Nylon/Lycra. One thing to love about Ujena is that they let you select top and bottom sizes separately to create a custom fit for specific body types. Ujena swimsuits are handmade in the USA.

I actually found this swimsuit for sale on a store called LAVEshops. LAVEshops online is a collection of more than 30 online stores merchandise.  Their womens collection lets you choose a variety of sexy clothing, lingerie, corsets, shoes and swimsuits supplied by a variety of different online vendors.  LAVEshops carries some cute plus-size items that they carefully pre-select for available merchants.


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