I ran across this adorable IPad photograph.  I believe this is Kate Upton, definitely from Vix Swimwear.  The collection that included this ultra-classic red bikini was from just a few years ago but of course this look stays in style because its timeless.

Red swimsuits attract men

Red always attracts the attention of men and magnetize them to you.  So if you want to look smoking hot try a red swimsuit.  The classic bikini, while not for the faint figured, is a timeless look.  Note that you can also wear a one piece red swimsuit for a similar classic look ala Baywatch.  Red looks great whether as a bikini or a one piece.

Get in shape this fall riding a beach cruiser

What strikes you about this photograph is the casual summer fun.  It’s quintessential in so far as being a great beach cruiser photograph.  Makes you think of endless summer with little worries.  Her cool sun had with the western look to it along with hoop earing and classic bangles add to the classic appeal here.   If you have not been on a beach bike this summer yet you have to go!  A classic look from the wonderful swimsuit designer Vix.

Vix Swimwear


This is the classic black bikini with a modern rock and roll twist to it.  The shoulder straps and bikini bottoms are in chains!  This is a very edgy modern look which makes a basic black bikini become utterly unique and different.  If you want to apply a motorcycle girl look to your beachwear then try this one.  This swimsuit would be great for a club party on the beach, or take pictures wearing it on a friends Harley.  It’s part of Beach Bunny Swimwears 2012 bikini collection.  The model is Kate Upton.  All you need with this one is messy beach hair, red stained lips and a tan.  Be sure to wear sunscreen under the bikini bottom chains or you’ll wind up with a chain link tan.  Beach Bunny Swimwear rocks it with their style ideas!

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