This adorable bikini has a matching crinkle short that goes with it which makes it perfect as a beach cover-up.  Sometimes you look good enough to wear a bikini, but only lying down flat on your back or tummy.  When it comes to hitting the snack stand is when you can be self conscious about what is jiggling or showing.

With a nice shorts coverup, you can throw it on and do your running around  whether it is playing on the beach or getting a bite.  The cute thing about these shorts is that they match the suit.  This is a much more attractive and coordinated look than say, a random pair of gym shorts.  Getting the bikini that looks right is half the battle.  The other half, is getting the perfect over clothes.    Almost positive this one is from Beach Bunny Swimwear store.

  2 Responses to “These crinkle shorts are a great swimsuit coverup and match her bikini to perfection”

  1. I love high waisted bniiiks! They make my un-hourglass figure and flat booty look pretty fine, if I may say so myself. Definitely not for girls who have proportionally shorter legs, though. My legs are the only reason my 5’1″ ever ventured into a high waisted bikini, but it’s my favorite 🙂

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