I recently say a cute article about environmentally friendly swimwear brands for the active girl. These stylish, sporty and environmentally friendly swimsuits were featured by the web site girls gone sporty.  The brand they were covering and said was all the rage?  It’s called Odina Swimwear.

Odina swimwear stays put

There are plenty of cute bathing suits out there but many of them don’t stay put for the true surfer girl. Swimsuits have gotten too skimpy quite frankly. If you were to go surfing in a micro bikini, you would be over exposed and constantly adjusting.  In comes the brand Odina Surf with their line of stay put swimsuits for active girls. All of their swimwear has been tested to stay put through a variety of sports activities.

Odina swimwear is environmentaqlly friendly

Not only is Odina for the active girl, it’s for the environment too.  Odina swimwear uses environmentally friendly resources and the swimsuits are made from a variety of recycled nylon and reclaimed textiles. Odina designers takes scrap and excess materials from a U.S. based factory and have it weaved together with a percentage of Lycra to turn it into a stretchy, well fitted swimsuit fabric.  Hardware and detail accents to the swimsuits are also recycled.  The swimsuit manufaturer claims to scour unused nuts and bolts to and other unique hardware that they can recycle into accents for the swimwear.

Odina sexy styles

This sexy purple Odina bikini is so hot! A double take on the bandeau style, this will be sure to make your boyfriend’s jaw drop given the feminine one shoulder style.   These bikini bottoms are also sporty and sexy, with a nice fit and no itsy bitsy side strings.  This surfer girl look is beyond hot and perfect for the sexy female athlete.   The best part is that Odina swimsuits are  functional for a variety of activities and made with environmentally friendly intentions.


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