Don’t you just love this gorgeous swimsuit and kaftan coverup?  Wow this is really gorgeous.  By Sauvage Swimwear designer, this is called the Sumatra red silk kaftan.  I located this swimsuit and kaftan at online swimsuit store Kayokoko Swimwear.  Just gorgeous.


kaftan are no longer what they used to be. They used to be moo-moos that the old ladies wore. Not anymore. These newer fashionable kaftans are absolutely gorgeous. Instead of jeans, sweats, or t-shirt as a coverup, these fashionable robes are silky and feminine. The give a soft, tasteful look to the swimsuit and cover a plethora of flaws. For one thing, they help to cover heavier arms as well as a larger rear end.

Big shoulders greatly benefit from this type of look. You cannot hide broad shoulders with just a swimsuit, but you can hide them with a kaftan like this. If you have a broad shoulder or top-heavy body then you should definitely try a soft, flowing kaftan to offset that more masculine look. I guarantee that this will make the most of your figure.


This swimsuit set is adorable. The robe matches the bikini and the bikini itself has an expensive looking print. Note the cute bead detailing at the top. This is a signature of Sauvage Swimwear. Their swimsuits always go above and beyond with special detailing that just doesn’t come with the average swimsuit that you find in the department store. These details make a swimsuit look like a standout and reflect the quality and care taken in the construction.

Adorable Sauvage swimwear bikini, and a demonstration of how a kaftan can cover flaws and add to the feminine charm of your swimsuit. Love!

Women’s Swimsuit and coverups for broad shoulders



I love Agua Bendita Swimwear!  Gosh this designer really creates masterpiece bathing suits.  Look at this simply gorgeous one piece bathing suit.  This swimsuit really flatters a petite chested woman as the dark brown at the triangle top portion attracts the eyes like a magnet.  The darker top draws attention upward giving her a free uplifting body lift. 

Swimsuits for petite women

This swimsuit would be adorable on a petite woman.  It is colorful, playful, and stands out. This is going to make a petite lady shine. Time and time again Agua Bendita puts out dazzling swimsuit collections. You can search for Agua Bendita and you will find their swimsuits available for sale at all of the top swimwear boutiques that carry designer swimsuits. Love!

Agua Bendita Swimwear

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