The classic O-ring bikini never goes out of style.  you know, the one where a ring is at the center of the halter top and on both sides on the bikini bottom?  Ring bikinis are classic, almost as much so as the classic string bikini.   Swimsuit designers love the rings as they can make unique designs and gatherings using them as part of the bikini.

This example gives a beautiful ring bikini true to its classic form.  The orange color is rather novel and makes the swimsuit pop and stand out.  The photograph is spectacular and model Kelly Brook is gorgeous.  The rings give the bikini that extra punch.  The brown color of the rings contrast nicely with the orange.

The overall effect is hot, yet different.  It’s sort of like a bikini version of Starburst candy or Mentos.  This bikini is sexy yet not overly skimpy or revealing.  It’s a clean and classy look with a zing to it. This particular suit is very wearable as there is plenty of material and it amply covers the chest and bottom.  Fruity and really cute!


Have you ever seen a more perfect bikini body than this one?  What a gorgeous model here.  Her brass ring bikini with the medallion is a standout.   While it may not be the most practical of swim suits it is sure to dazzle the onlooker.  Details like the brass rings, the dark brown side ties, the center piece, and the unique faux suede look put this bikini into a class of its own.  This is the type of swimsuit to take a memorable picture of!  Break out the camera and have your best friend take a few hundred shots of you in a spectacular bikini.  Years later you’ll look back at it.

The photo source is as yet unknown however suffice it to say this exotic model is completely gorgeous as is this incredible photograph of her.  Kudos to the photographer.  It’s beautiful, and she is sexy and exotic.  If you are looking to make a frame-able picture for your boyfriend or take a memorable photo shoot to last a lifetime, shop for a bikini like this one, which is above and beyond all the rest.  The added hardware and detailing of the swimwear does make a difference, particularly for taking photographs.


This bikini is so cute. A swimsuit like this works great for a woman with a small bust. First of all, the bright patch of color draws attention to the bottoms and diminishes the appearance of a small bust. The top also helps as it squeezes the bust area together and up giving extra cleavage. The adjustable bow tie also adds dimension to the top which would distract from being small chested. It is so cute and perfect for a woman who is petite on top. Love it!

The bikini is by Vera Cruz and you can get it at South Beach Swimsuits.   The top is called Girls best friend in Coral color and the bottom is called Taboo.

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