This sexy mix and match swimsuit by swimsuit designer Paradizia is such a stunner! Crochet bathing suits are notoriously flimsy yet very much back in style for 2012 going forward. This mix and match number is a way you can do crochet. Crochet bottoms are the hardest to wear because they tend to make you look heavy. Unless you are very slender they just don’t look flattering. If you just get the crochet top, you can get a bikini bottom with more coverage.

You would not think you could match a tropical print bikini bottom with a crochet top but this photograph shows you that yes you certainly can. The bright tropical bottoms paired with the beige crochet top is the perfect off-beat mix and match combination that makes her look incredibly sexy. There is a great idea, pair a color bikini bottom that looks good on your figure with a crochet inspired top.  Everything about Paradizia is amazing from the swimsuit designs to the photographic presentations.  So Hot!

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  1. Interested in purchasing if still available? where can i buy this mix and match bikini online?

    • Yes this is a good mix and match one. It’s by swimsuit designer Paradizia, they are very popular search google images for Paradizia, and you will find their available styles online. They sell at several different online stores!

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