Are you into your forties and wondering whether to try wearing a bikini still?  Even if you have a fabulous figure, wearing a little bikini can be entirely unnerving when you are into your forties.  An older woman just doesn’t have the same skin elastisity as her younger counterpart.  Somehow, an older woman in a bikini can give an illusion of exposing a little bit too much skin.

Beach coverup

This former supermodel Stephanie Seymour shows a great choice for covering some her body while still wearing a two piece in her forties.  She chooses a simple crochet, lightweight scarf and ties it around her with a cute knot at top center.  It is adorable, cute, and most importantly covers up her body from too much exposure.  You can see that she can play along the beach with her kids and feel comfortable and adequately covered.   She is certainly a beautiful lady with a great sense of style.

I love this coverup idea.  Only a supermodel would come up with this, but you can see it just works.  Next time you are wearing that bikini, cover up a bit with a lightweight crochet or lace scarf.  Choose a neutral color and tie at the center.  The toned down color of this scarf makes the perfect accessory for her navy blue swimsuit as it does not overwhelm the swimsuit.  With a neutral toned scarf coverup like this you will have a great effortless look that is fresh, clean and just pretty.  Even though she is wearing a one piece she has the same level of coverage as a two piece by adding the lace scarf.  Nice sunglasses too.

Supermodel beach outfit

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