Do you look at fashion photos and envy how stylish and put together the women that are featured in them look?  Look at this photo!  This girl looks stylish and happy as a clam at the beach.  She has a cool drink in her hand and looks to be enjoying a wonderful summertime breeze.  What a great look.

Knit summer sweater works well as a beach coverup

Let’s break it down and see why she looks so fashionable.  For one thing, her style is original.  The cute swimsuit has a bright pattern while still sticking to neutral colors.  Coupled with that she has an earthy oatmeal or taupe colored crochet sweater to match.  The off the shoulder look of this slouchy crochet sweater is perfect as a swimsuit coverup.  I love the texture that a crochet sweater brings to this look. 

Pair neon brights with toned down neutral colors

This girl is showing us a major fashion secret.  That is that you match brights with neutral tones to get that pop effect and a look that is never too busy.  Once you have one or two bright colors such as the sunglasses with the neon bag, you must match that together with toned down color.  She does just that with the toned down sweater.  I love the big glasses as they have that movie star look to them.  They also protect her eyes from the damaging UVA and UVB rays.  The array of various friendship bracelets show her casual and unique sense of style, a perfect compliment to this wonderful beach outfit.

Beach fashion

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