Black cutout swimsuits look fantastic on pale skin.  If you are not into suntanning you can still look incredibly sexy in a swimsuit with the goth look.  This one is as adorable as can be.  You can find really hot cutout suits and monokini’s at the sexy clothing stores on line such as Yumdrop.   They sell sexy costumes, lingerie, club clothes and of course swimwear.  If you like your natural pale skin color try doing a contrast goth look with a dark color swimsuit. 

The cutouts plus the pale skin looks totally unique and actually very sexy.  If you hate tanning real or otherwise, embrace your white skin by wearing a bold high contrast swimsuit that has sexy eye catching details to it.  You’ll look different and totally unique.


You have to love this super sexy one piece cutout swim suit.  This is the perfect style suit for a girl that has an edge to her.  The model is perfect for this look.  She has the red hair and pale skin, the exact opposite of the typical beach girl.  So, why not keep the quirky look going.  Her pale skin set against the edge cutouts is extremely hot.  It’s proof positive that you can be white as a ghost and paler than pale and still look amazing in a swimsuit. 

We weren’t able to locate the designer of this suit as yet but nevertheless it’s a beauty deserving to be shown.  As for the model, she is just gorgeous!


Tan colored or skin colored swimsuits and bikinis can really look sexy.  They blend in with the skin and create a natural earth beauty look.  It has the same mesmerizing effect of say a jungle theme print yet without all the noise.  Remember the tan swimsuit that Bo Derek wore running down the beach in the cult classic Perfect 10?  Here we show a sexy tan one piece with major cutouts.  The suit is worn by model Lucy Pinder. 

For a modeling photo shoot the plunging neckline is fine yet to really wear a suit like this in public it could work better on a smaller busted girl.  You will have to be in great shape to pull off a beige swimsuit as everything will show.  Dark brown hair looks great with beige as it creates a good contrast.  You can look for a more conservative version of the natural beige color swimsuit and get a similar natural beauty look going.  The string ties add to the sexy aspect of the suit.   It’s a really sexy look and the model looks fantastic in the picture!

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