This Pure Romance One Piece is designed by SAHA Swimwear. I love this swimsuit designer because the styles are so sweet and feminine looking.  Saha’s combination of colors, prints, cuts and accessories, make the SAHA swimwear brand a modern yet elegant choice in which women can feel and appear comfortable.

Romantic cutout swimsuit style from Saha swimwear

Saha offers a broad range of reversible swimsuits.  Many of their designer swimsuits generate a number of combinations in the one single bikini offering a number of different ways to tie and wear the swimsuit. In addition to their unique options and high-end designer brand image, SAHA Swimwear’s competitive advantage lies in the quality, comfort, design and exclusiveness of their designer swimsuits.  The original cutout styles that Saha creates gives an ordinary swimsuit a unique twist that makes it extraordinary. 

This particular swimsuit can give an athletic or more stocky woman a new girly and feminine look.  The softness of the color, style and fabric can add femininity to a particular girl and that always creates attraction in men.  This swimsuit is demure, sweet, feminine, and frilly. This style will create a softer look yet at the same time the adorable cutout makes the swimsuit visually alluring. The combination of soft fabric, with skin baring cutouts, makes this swimsuit the perfect yin and yang style. It’s a soft yet sexy contrast that makes you look twice.

The Saha Pure romance one piece swimsuit shown in this photograph features an asymmetrical one piece suit style, a small ruffle frill detail on the top edge, adorable cut out tie detail on the one side, and a soft floral pattern.  The models romantic inspired wavy hair goes perfectly with this swimsuit style.  Her soft, natural makeup is made a bit more dramatic with the jet black eyeliner, once again giving that yin (soft makeup) and yang (dramatic eyes) contrast.  I found this swimsuit for sale on Zakoda designer swimwear shop.  The swimsuit brand is Saha and the style is appropriately called Pure Romance.

Saha swimwear

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