This sheer chiffon little summer beach dress is just adorable. With the long sides, plenty of skin is still exposed while at the same time covering problem areas of the stomach, buttock, love handles, upper thighs.

Bohemian Chic

When looking for a summer beach dress you are going to want to find something lightweight, that still covers the areas you want covered. Pay special attention to the color. Solid simple colors tend to match easier to the swimsuit. For a most slender look, match the dress to the swimsuit. Or, try a cool contrast to make it pop but something that still meshes well.

This dress is very simple yet the little tassel detail along the hem and the low-cut arm puts makes it stand out as unique and bohemian chic. The simple all white color and all white color string bikini gives this a modern, clean and fresh edge as well.

I came across this beach dress on a site called All for Fashion Design. The site had some cute ideas for summer outfits.  This might be from Victoria’s secret but the exact purchase source was not provided.  The neutral textured purse and bracelets compliment perfectly.

Chiffon beach dress



A tried and true classic is the little black dress, beach version. This universally flattering dress is the perfect little cover up for that swim suit. Just be forewarned that black can look rather stand out at the beach. If you are heavy or tall, you want to make sure that your black beach coverup is not too overwhelming. Too much black can look like beached whale.

Classic little black beach cover up dress

This little black cover up is available in one incantation or another widely on the various swimsuit stores online. This cover up is very popular and you will find various versions of the same basic style on sites such as Victoria’s Secret and Newport News. In fact this particular one I noticed being resold inexpensively on Ali Express and Amazon.

What is nice about this is that the plunge front breaks up the monotony of the all black. Additionally, the little empire waist gives a lift to women who are heavy in the belly, hips, thighs and legs. The loose cap style sleeves also covers a bigger or flabby upper arm area, which is always nice. The loose cotton skirt covers a plethora of figure flaws and this slips on easily for that walk of shame to the snack counter, restaurant or bar area.

Pair this with movie star shades and simple dainty black flip-flops or beach sandals. It’s the beach version of the little black dress, and a universally figure flattering look that always stays in style.

Beach dress



Oh my god this adorable take on a maxi dress is to die for!  So cute is this mermaid maxi dress for less than fifty dollars!   I located this dress on a very cute site that I had not encountered before.  It is called Bikini Luxe.  It is a small boutique with some wonderfully selected merchandise that is selected with care.

Beach maxi dress

Her maxi dress really flatters the figure!  This dress makes a smaller chest look perfectly petit, and it also forms a substantial buttock for maximum sex appeal!  I love!  The fabric is light, airy and flowing.  The drawstring waist accentuates your figure and promotes the hourglass effect giving you some curves.  The string ties are sexy and summery.

Flowing dress is feminine and figure flattering

I really love this dress, it’s everything a beach coverup should be.  Just wonderful.  Kudos to Candice Galek for putting together such an adorable shop.  All of her selections are designed to flatter a real woman’s figure.  Glad I ran across this web site, it hits the nail on the head when it comes to flattering beach clothes!  Check out Bikini Luxe for figure flattering coverups including this Mermaid Maxi dress.

Bikini Luxe

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