Wow I cannot say enough good things about plus size swimwear designer Monif C.  You can find Monif C swimsuits available at a number of online stores, just search for Monif C.  Wow, this Monif C designer really gets it.  I love what she does for the plus size woman.  LOVE.  She just understands the figure and knows how to make a large woman look voluptuous instead of fat.

Large chest look incredible in Monif C

Look at this swimsuit.  It is called the “Belize” mesh inset plus size swimsuit and it comes in this interesting black and yellow abstract design.  Now this is an example of sexy mesh that can work on a large woman.  The mesh along the top is going to make a huge chested busty woman look so frigging sexy.  And the best thing, is that she isen’t flopping out of the swimsuit.  Her breasts look incredible.

Monif C makes you look voluptuous not fat

This swimsuit with its abstract pattern attracts attention to the breasts and slenderized waist. Notice how heavy arms and big thighs are downplayed here because attention is drawn right to the body instead. This swimsuit draws attention to all the right places.

Now look at the bottom.  With full modest coverage, she is still getting this woman to look hot, hot, hot.  The mesh along the side of the waist is what makes this swimsuit look so hot.  Notice the panels and how the mesh comes in to a point right at the waist.  See what this is doing? It is making this woman’s waist look tiny, and her entire body looks voluptuous.  See the hour glass shape created by the mesh and the paneling. 

Plus size woman with body confidence equals sexy

I love her messy hair too, and her jungle style jewelry.  Honestly, this is probably the hottest plus size swimsuit on the face of the earth.  Ha Ha, I love this. If you are plus size, you literally must check out Monif C.  Her plus size swim suits are just show stopping.  I give this swimsuit a perfect ten.

Monif C



This white swimsuit is gorgeous! I love the way Dunn’s River Racer Mesh Insert Plus Size Swimsuit in White looks on model Anita Marshall! It comes in black also. I found this swimsuit featured on plus-size-mag as one of their favorites, which led me to the online swimwear site that sells it, Monif C. And I love Monif C! Finally, trendy and chic plus size swimsuits and swimwear! Love this site!

Plus size white swimsuit from Monif C

Sporty, Sophisticated, and Sexy! This Dunn’s River swimsuit from Monif C is perfect for the pool or for an active fun day on the beach. This is an example of an effortless sleek design that allows for comfort and style too. You will be covered yet look sexy for hours in the sun. The mesh insert swoop is slenderizing and accentuates curves. The Dunn’s River swim suit features full control lining, soft bra cups and expertly placed mesh inserts. The inserts emphasize the natural curve of the body and make a bigger woman look voluptuous as opposed to fat.

All of the suits on Monif C look like they are in style. What a relief! No more ugly loud flower print plus size swimsuits! Every suit on this site is figure flattering for the plus size model. This particular swimsuit looks great. The legs are modest. The cool swoop mesh detail makes the suit look contemporary and also creates an illusion of sexy come hither body curves. The color white goes great against exotic skin. The black version of this swimsuit is hot too. I can’t say enough good things about this swimwear collection.

Plus size swimwear model

Anita Marshall is a beautiful plus size model.  She is amazing looking and confidently shows off her voluptuous curves in the new Monif C. swimwear collection.  It’s called Aquatic Goddess.  This photograph was shot in Barbados for the new collection.  Aquatic Goddess offers this gorgeous swimsuit, a great high waisted bikini, a lattice sleeved suit in black/white and several more white bathing suit options to flatter a plus size woman’s curves. Check out swimsuit store Monif C for more.

Plus size swimwear

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