This Victoria’s Secret coverup is so cute!  I saw this cover-up featured on a web site called Moms Generation.  They picked out this cover-up for beach going moms because it truly covers all the necessary places on the body including the belly, the buttock, and the hips.  At the same time, this number is cool and breezy and has the deep plunge neckline.

Flattering cover-up

This cover-up flatters the body because of the fact it is a solid color.  It gives a clean, fresh uniform look.  The fact that it is a tunic that covers down below the swimsuit bottom is awesome as is the cute empire waist that flatters the figure and the soft breathable material.  Victoria’s Secret sells these cover ups for $29.00 on their online web site.

The deep plunge neckline gives some attraction appeal to it while at the same time it modestly covers the body.  Need to get up and cross the pool area to get to the drinks or snacks?  That plank walk across the pool or beach can be embarrassing as you worry weather everything is in place with your swimsuit.  Worry no more!  You will feel pretty and well covered in this adorable coverup which you can throw on over your swimsuit in a jiffy.  Self-conscious no more!

Victoria’s Secret


Men love women who are playful and fun. What better way to show off your playful side than in this fun sexy two piece heart swimsuit from Victoria Secret. Priced under $40.00 this swimsuit can show your playful young side at the right price point. While all one color swimsuits and sleek Gottex styles are the most slenderizing for women, sometimes you just want to throw caution to the wind.

An explosion of candy color can be just the Rx for a bad mood. Go beach bunny in your bathing suit. If you have the right attitude men will find you to be sexy, playful and fun.  What I like about this swimsuit is that even though it’s a novelty theme, you could wear it any time of the year not just for Valentine’s day.

The style is actually sexy for a number of reasons.  The bandeau top is cute as a button yet you can see it’s got plenty of material to it and is not skimpy.  Same with the bottoms.  There is plenty of material for the rear and it doesn’t come down too too far in front either.  The pink with the heart rings on top and bottom is adorable.  Are you looking to be fun in the sun?  Let down your hair and try a playful suit like this one.  You just gotta love VS and Pink!

Victoria’s Secret swimwear


Do you tire of the two piece bikini?  If you are one of those women that need to wear something different and exotic to stand apart from the crowd then the monokini is definitely for you.  Monokinis come in and out of style.  The monokini came back in trend for the past two years and who knows what will happen next season as the style is a pretty fickle one.  If you wear one of these bathing suits though you really shouldn’t worry about the trends.   You’d actually be the type to buck the trends and go by your own sense of style.

If that’s you and you own your sense of style, then try one of these hybrid one piece suits that are somehow more scandalous than the two piece counter part.  The cut away styles will hug your curves and make even an athletic or petite framed woman look more curvy and help her to stand out.   Certain monokini’s can hide a chubby tummy really well also.  This Wireless push-up Monokini is from our favorite bikini swimsuit store of course, Victoria Secret.  That’s no surprise!  Notice the little strap connecting the plunging v-neck.  This can be helpful for keeping the suit in place while still giving the plunging v-neck illusion safely.  You can’t fall out. Gotta love VS!

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