Still searching for the photo source of this great picture.  This shows us how lightweight cotton or gauze pants can be a great beach cover up.  These pants are perfect for women who are trying to hide cellulite.

Hide cellulite, and even make cellulite look good

In fact, a pair of lightweight pants that are breezy and feminine can make cellulite sort of look … good!  Men love a little bit of jiggle and are not attracted to the uber skinny look as some women mistakenly think.  If your lower body has some jiggle or junk in the trunk that cannot be concealed by a swimsuit alone, try a pair of lightweight beach pants in easy breezy gauze or cotton.  These pants are going to conceal some flaws while at the same time creating maximum visual appeal for those super feminine parts that have a little big of a jiggle and shake to them.

Lightweight beach pants conceal lower body problem areas

Another way to conceal problematic legs is to pair this with a wedge heel sandal in a neutral color.  Adding a bit of height can have a slenderizing effect.  These pants are adorable as he yellow color pops and the navy blue picks up the color of the navy blue bandeau.  If you choose a bright or tropical beach pant be sure to cover it up with a simple color swimsuit top so that the patterns don’t overwhelm.  This subdued navy blue bandeau complements the pants wonderfully.

Self conscious about your legs showing in a swimsuit? Got for a look like this to cover flaws and keep the summer vibe going.  When wearing bright patterns keep the other aspects of your look simple and low-key.  This is a great inspiration photograph for girls seeking that ultra bohemian look. Hoping to track down the purchase source for this photograph soon.

Bohemian beach look



A tried and true classic is the little black dress, beach version. This universally flattering dress is the perfect little cover up for that swim suit. Just be forewarned that black can look rather stand out at the beach. If you are heavy or tall, you want to make sure that your black beach coverup is not too overwhelming. Too much black can look like beached whale.

Classic little black beach cover up dress

This little black cover up is available in one incantation or another widely on the various swimsuit stores online. This cover up is very popular and you will find various versions of the same basic style on sites such as Victoria’s Secret and Newport News. In fact this particular one I noticed being resold inexpensively on Ali Express and Amazon.

What is nice about this is that the plunge front breaks up the monotony of the all black. Additionally, the little empire waist gives a lift to women who are heavy in the belly, hips, thighs and legs. The loose cap style sleeves also covers a bigger or flabby upper arm area, which is always nice. The loose cotton skirt covers a plethora of figure flaws and this slips on easily for that walk of shame to the snack counter, restaurant or bar area.

Pair this with movie star shades and simple dainty black flip-flops or beach sandals. It’s the beach version of the little black dress, and a universally figure flattering look that always stays in style.

Beach dress



A great way to conceal love handles, bulging hips or a big bum is to wear a cute little robe over your swimsuit.  You can find robes in lingerie that work wonderfully as a swimsuit cover up.  This look is beach appropriate, girly, and it hides the flaws you wish to hide.

This cupcake robe bikini cover up is by Flirt Catalog.  When it comes to sexy clothes including swimwear, Flirt Catalog picks out styles that really push your sex appeal!  Flirty and fun, a cover up robe is a great way to cover up body flaws and pump up the sexy at the same time.

You can transition to the beach right from your cozy couch with this comfy robe cover up.  It is super cute all around.  For a more sultry look, go for solid colors, for a fun little girl look, try a pattern like this.  The swimsuit can match, or be a complimentary solid color that jives well with the robe.

Look skinny

For a slenderizing effect, choose a robe that features a tie waist as shown in order to create a good curvy hourglass shape.  If you have a pear shaped figure with a heavy bottom, look for a hoody robe as this adds volume at the top to counterbalance the heavy bottom.  To hide flabby arms, look for a robe with loose mid length or longer sleeves.

Look for a lightweight fabric robe that is silky, lacy, or has a terry cloth or velvet feel fabric, and you are going to look forward to slipping this on as a beach cover up.  Try Flirt Catalog for more sexy beach ideas.

Flirt catalog

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