Swimsuit coverups are stylish and sexy and can hide figure flaws.  If you want to hide fat arms, fat tummy, fat thighs, or fat bottom, try a sheer lightweight cover-up over your swimsuit.  Solid color cover-ups that are sheer, mesh, flowing and feminine are going to make you look ten pounds thinner and hide your problem zones.

Swimsuit coverups

There are various styles you can try to help hide flaws and give you a bit of modesty and sun protection.  A color that matches the swimsuit and especially solid color cover-ups can have the best slenderizing effects.  Try different styles including sarongs, tunics, wrap around skirts, and bathing suit cover-ups.  My favorite figure flattering look is a light weight sheer or mesh cover-up in a solid color that matches the swimsuit.  This can look casual yet sexy at the same time.  It is way more flattering than boxy terry cloth or sweats.

Think feminine, flirty, and flowing when it comes to coverups.  To hide heavy arms or flab on arms choose a long sleeve sheer style.  As you can see if the material is lightweight it still looks beach appropriate and can flatter your figure.  A long sheer shirt or a flirty and fun sun dress can make you look infinitely more sexy than sweats or a moo-moo kaftan.   Try light colors for a sunny fresh look or dark colors that are sheer and contrast with the swimsuit. 

Plus size alternative try a sheer sexy top over a bikini or sexy one piece swimsuit

Some women skip the bikini because they are embarrassed of their figure.  However, a well fitted bikini with a sexy cover-up can in some cases look more flattering than a frumpy plus size bikini with a built-in skirt.  Cover-ups give the plus size woman more options to work with in bikinis and one piece swimwear before having to move into the traditionally tacky plus size choices.  Try different combinations and don’t give up on finding a winning swimsuit and cover-up combination that is perfect for your body type.

Swimsuit coverups


This soft pink swimsuit from Jolidon Fashion Swimwear is feminine and touchable. Men love touchable fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin, and angora.  Why not wear a swimsuit that looks silky and touchable.  This silky pink number is so feminine and beautiful, and it looks French.

European swimwear is feminine, fresh, modern and luxurious

Joilidon Fashion Swimwear features designer bikini swimsuits, two piece bathing suits and more in their online store. They have swimwear, beachwear, lingerie, and even a men’s section. The great thing about shopping online is that you can find sophisticated, modern and luxurious swimwear with a European influence right from your own home.

Sexy jewels look like haute couture

One detail feature to notice on this swimsuit is that it is enriched with luxurious jewels. Swimsuits that have Swarovski jewelry details are always exquisite and they look more expensive than the everyday swimwear. Jolidon has two collections the Jolidon collection which are more casual and comfortable swimsuit, and the Prelude collection which are elegant and glamorous swimsuits.

Attract men with touchable fabric

To give your swimsuit an elegant kick, look for silky or touchable materials. Soft, silky and feminine will make him attracted. This pink halter swimsuit is from the Jolidon Prelude collection is a veritable man magnet.  It has a simple ruched halter top adorned by opulent gems. It is made of imported Italian Lycra which gives it the silky look. This fabulous swimsuit can be found at Jolidon or Soma.

Soft pink swimsuit


I love this sexy older bikini photograph of Carmen Electra. Every thing about her look her is perfect, including this adorable fun swimsuit. She looks like the quintessential California beauty.

Tousled sexy hair with volume goes great with a surfer girl bikini

The soft tousled hair with natural waves is the ultimate beach hair look.  Many girls think their hair has to be pin straight and flat ironed but natural bouncy hair with some curl is flattering as all get out. The volume and body of hair on top can counter balance a big bottom or big hips. Big hair really helps balance out a bottom heavy figure. It adds volume to the top as well as draws attention upward, which balances the bottom.

A surfer girl bikini is fun and youthful

This bikini is so cute! If you find a unique pattern bikini like this one you should go buy it. I love the solid trim, the long flowing ties, and the cute vertical stripes. She looks better than a Star-burst candy with the fun color punch and hint of shimmer in the knit fabric. 

Solid color trim on a bikini with a pattern inside makes your bottom look slender

Notice that a solid color trim can really be figure flattering. With a different pattern inside the edging, her bottom looks smaller.  This is a slenderizing trick. Look for a bordered bikini that features a pattern inside of the border which makes the figure look tiny. Very flattering.

How to get beach hair like this surfer girl bikini photograph

This is the perfect look with natural hair and makeup, a sun-kissed glow, a bright fun bikini and the gold bangles. Wow. This look is amazing. Let your hair down and go for the surfer look and you just might attract a surfer boy.  If you have a hard time getting body in your hair, wash with a volume enhancing shampoo and conditioner the night before your swimsuit debut.  Air dry hair afterwards, then when your hair is dry, pull into a scrunchy that night to sleep.  By next day, you should be able to take it out of your bun, shake your hair out and get this beachy hair look with lots of curl and bounce but zero frizz.

Surfer girl bikini

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