A really great look for swimsuit season, especially if you are too self-conscious for that itty bitty bikini, is a bare of sexy black shorts paired with a swimsuit top.  Preferably you want something lightweight that will dry quickly, so you can actually swim in it.

These small banded women’s swimsuit shorts fit the bill!  They will fit and look amazing! The sliding adjustable sides allow you to make your shorts as long or as short as you like, a great feature! You can wear them lower down on your legs or scrunch them up for a sexier fit. No matter how you wear these shorts they are guaranteed to fit amazing.  Also, they are  Fully lined.

I came across these shorts at Beach Stuff Shop.  I believe they are by UjENA brand.  Absolutely adorable I love, love the sting tie.  If you are hiding some flaws be sure to buy in one size up for a loose cozy fit.   If you’ve been working out and want to flaunt it then go tighter and scrunch shorter.  Cute store and great idea with these black shorts.  Very slenderizing and beach appropriate.

Sexy black shorts



Designer swimsuit brand L*Space is a winner when it comes to swimsuit designs that seriously flatter and stand out.  This bra style top swimsuit has several wining features to take note of.

A sexy pop of neon yellow

First of all, a pure neon swimsuit can be way to overwhelming.  But this swimsuit with the neutral color block top, tones it down in a unique way.  Not the neon pops rather than takes over completely.  Imagine if this dark grey insert was hot pink – it would not look sophisticated!  They made a neon swimsuit look sleek and elegant with this gray top.

Full bottoms with cut out

These bottoms are just wonderful and here is why: they cover, but the cutout turns them super sexy. For women who want to look sexy on bottom, but cannot pull off a string bikini, these are perfect. I have seen this style bottom imitated by stores like Pacific Sun, because this is such a cute idea. Not on this girl she can certainly pull off the yellow. But note that if you have a bright color bottom, you better be pretty slim and trim down there. If not, never fear, because L*Space and other brands that copy the trademark cutout here, come in black and darker colors. A full bottom with a little cutout is the perfect way to get that sexy bikini look, while still getting more coverage that does not leave you all hanging out.

Overall this is another wonderful swimsuit from L*Space! Love. You can purchase their swimsuits directly or through many fine stores and online stores. Love L*Space! Take not of her tousled hair bun, cool shades, and youthful jewelry. An amazing look. Plus size women, you can copycat these concepts by looking for swimsuits that integrate solid colors in with neon pop, and by looking for fuller bottoms or one piece swimuits that have cool little details such as this cutout.




I ran across this adorable hi low beach dress on Where to Get it, and the dress is by LuLus. Now hi low dresses are something that come in and out of style on the street.  But when it comes to the beach, these dresses are always in style.  Why? Because they are a great beachy look and work well as cover ups.

Hi Low Dress

A hi low dress flatters any figure but this is particularly flattering for a petite women because the shorter front gives a lengthened look to the legs.  Coupled with a wedge heel sandal in a neutral color this style will make you look longer legged, slimmer and taller.

This soft pink color is quite feminine and beach appropriate and her floral headband is the perfect Princess Bride match to the dress.  You can find this dress for under fifty dollars at LuLus.  It is just adorable.  Note that the longer back of the dress does wonders for concealing a bottom that you don’t want on display.  This is just a great cover up look for summer that flatters the figure and mesmerizes men all at the same time.  I ran across this dress on a site called Where to Get it, at the online dress store Lulus.


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