With the scorching heat and summer in full swing you may not be able to avoid a pool. One way or another, some how some way, someone is going to get you into a pool or beach situation where you are going to be subjected to wearing a bathing suit. Never fear! If you are self-conscious about your body in a bathing suit there are certain styles out there that can flatter your figure, flaws and all.

Hide love handles

If your body flaw includes love handles you can utilize these helpful tips to find the swimsuit that minimizes chubby hips. First of all, you may want to go with the classic and versatile one piece swimsuit for this problem. While the color needn’t be jet black, you may want to stick to a darker color as that does help make you look slender.

Look for an inner panel design

One excellent trick for hiding your love handles is to look for the swimsuit that has an inner panel or seam running down the both sides of the front of the swimsuit.   As you can see from this wonderful example, seams/bolts run vertically and curve in and out at the waist. Visually, they turn love handles into curves by having the seam scoop in at the waistline.

Create a visual balance up top

Another tip for minimizing love handles is to look for a top that creates a visual balance. This top for example, has the ruffles and sexy bandeau. Your eyes get drawn upward to the top, and guess what, this means attention is diverted away from the swimsuit bottoms and your hips.  This bait and switch is going to you the illusion of a curvy, well balanced silhouette.

Remember, to hide love handles try a classic one piece, deeper colors, look for inner panels, and be sure the top creates a visual attraction. Fabric is important too here, because you want a supportive Lycra that offers some support and control. You may have to pay a little more for a swimsuit with quality fabric, construction, and design, but your figure will thank you for it. Fight for your right to have fun in the sun by finding that swimsuit that flatters your figure and boosts your confidence.

Love handles



I adore this tropical mult-color inspired bikini!  While I do not have the purchase reference for this swimsuit (might be Victoria’s Secret), I do wish to post it because it is so wonderful!  What I love about this bikini is that the bikini sets the mood.

The bikini sets the mood

Think about how you want to feel and what mood you want to set when looking for a bikini or swimsuit. Do you want to look sweet? natural? happy? sophisticated? demure? sulty? Try to find a swimsuit that speaks to your mood and you’ll look incredible wearing it.

When I see this bikini I think fun, frolicking, beachy, sunny, tropical, carefree, playful, bright, happy, free, style, and unique.  It brings up a great point when it comes to choosing that bikini.  The bikini can literally set the mood for you.  This bikini is happy and fun.  I love the bright colors and I love that it screams colorful without having to be neon or floral. 

Free body contouring with the bandeau top detail

The bandeau top is gorgeous on her and has the interesting kris-cross over in front which puts the attention in the right place!  The bandeau detail and the interesting necklace she is wearing make the onlookers eyes focus on the top part of her body.  This is a great attention focus trick that slenderizes the bottom.  If you have hips, thighs, cellulite or stomach pudgy always remember that bait and switch works.  Attract attention upwards and give yourself free body lift with the focus going upwards.

Attitude is everything and this girl has the perfect summer fun spirit

Her biggest accessory is her infectious smile. I love the fun orange beach bag that she has, and the cool jewelry.  The little cloth friendship bracelets and silver rings are perfect for a fun summers day.  Note her cute cat-eye sunglasses protect her eyes but look totally adorable.  Love the casual sunlit beach hair too.  She looks like a free spirit.  She looks like someone you would want to spend the day with.  Her happiness is inspiring.   A quintessential summer look.  High scores for this swimsuit!

Summer bikini looks


This L space slate bandeau swimwear is from season 2011 and still quite in style for swimwear season 2012 and beyond. It’s a strapless bathing suit with a mismatched top and bottom.

Use of a solid color on one part of the bikini and a lighter color print on another part of the bikini is a popular trick. Usually, you put the solid, darker color on the bikini bottom, and use the lighter color on the bikini top. This slenderizes the bottom and enlarges the top.

L Space

With this Lspace swimsuit, the opposite trick is used. This girl isen’t trying to hide or play down her bottom. In fact, she is tiny, and showing it off. Ergo, a reversal of the mix and match idea, where she wears the lighter color on bottom to draw attention to her incredible tiny bottomed body.

Mix and match bikini

This reverse trick is just perfect for the very slender girl with the boyish figure. Instead of looking like a stick, the light color bottoms draw attention to the teeny bottom making it look girly.  It’s an advantage so she is showcasing it. Then, the slate bandeau top downplays the smaller chest that usually comes with a pixie figure.

If you are lacking curves and on the skinny bony side of things, a reverse flip on the light top, solid darker color bikini bottom mismatch is in order. Try a solid color darker top, and light color bikini bottoms. It will make your slender frame look curvy, feminine and like it has more shape than it does.

Elite fashion swimwear features L Space

Try Elite Fashion Swimwear online as they are notorious for flipping the mismatch look and doing solid color bikini tops paired with dainty printed bottoms. I saw this look on This Next and it’s knock-out. It is sexy, dazzling, and sure to turn heads. The lighter color bikini bottoms makes for the perfect body shaper for the girl on the too slender side of the scale.

Bandeau swimwuit

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