If you are looking for a color dazzling, stupifying-ly gorgeous batik print look no further than the reigning swimwear king of batik, Paradizia Swimwear.  These designer swimsuits are like gorgeous art!  They are sexy but not as skimpy as other bikinis which is good for the average woman!  Not everyone can wear itsy bitsy strings! 

Dazzling color from Colombian designer Paradizia

The colors that Paradizia uses for their swimwear collections are just amazing.  The fabrics are beautiful and the details to these suits are just incredible.  You do have to pay the price for the incredible workmanship that goes into these bathing suits.  The average cost of a Paradizia swimsuit is two hundred dollars.  It does seem super expensive but if you want that special swimsuit that truly stands out from a crowd and more importantly looks fabulous on your figure, it is worth it. Paradizia is top of the line.

Think about how self-conscious you can be in a swimsuit.  To find one that even looks good is difficult.  I would say that if you try on fifty swimsuits and find one that looks really good on you, that’s the one you should buy!  It is worth the extra money only if the swimsuit looks amazing on your body.  If it does, go for it.  Figure flattering swimsuits are hard to find so once you land on one, purchase it.

If you shop online, be patient as it may take a few returns to get the perfect fit. You have to deal with the potential return headache but you do get to find styles that aren’t available at the local department store. Just be sure to shop at reputable online stores with a good exchange policy.

Modern Batik swimwear from Paradizia is designed to be slenderizing

Batik inspired bikini’s are tricky because if you pick an average looking tie-dye print it can look outdated and 1970’s like.  So, when you do go after a batik make sure it is really special, and modern looking.  Avoid batiks that look outdated and overly Hawaiian. The swimsuit here is a perfect example of a gorgeous batik.

This particular swimsuit with the gold would be perfect to where for upscale locations and glamourous vacation spots.  A glitzy trip to Vegas or a resort would be a perfect place to wear this one.  The gold is luxurious and the print is playful.  Notice on the bikini bottom that the print is towards the center.  The solid gold at the side of the hips give a slenderizing effect on her body.  The bottoms have plenty of coverage even at the sides. The hanging scrunch side ties distract from bulge and jiggle. 

The one arm style is sexy but overall this swimsuit has ample coverage and you won’t be in fear that something is falling out the sides or bottom.  The two sided material top draws attention to a pert smaller chest and the gold halter strap draws the eyes upward which slenderizes and visually balances a bigger hip and thigh area.

Where to buy this swimsuit

I found this swimsuit along with many other Paradizia and designer swimsuits at the Cacique Boutique online swimwear boutique.  Cacique Boutique has a great selection of designer swimsuits available for sale.  Designers they feature include Agua Bendita, A Jaron, Anna Kosturova, Beach Bunny, Cia Maritima, Debbie Katz, Luli Fama, L*Space, Maaji, Onda De Mar, Paolita, Paradizia, Saha, and Vitamin A.  Good stuff.

Swimsuit secrets – Paradizia swimwear

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