Ladies all of us have body flaws, but let me let you in on a secret. Some women are able to hide them much better than others! Now leave it to ASOS (love this brand!) to come up with fashionable ways to brilliantly hide the jiggle. This long beach skirt rocks it! In fact, long skirts with a slit work absolutely great as a body flaw cover-up and you can see that the slit makes the look summer skirt paired with bikini top beach pool-side appropriate.

If you want to hide some junk you have in the trunk, try this lovely slit skirt which you can find on Asos. It has a hexagon print that is best paired with a solid color top as shown. If you have a patterned swimsuit, you can find similar skirts in soft cotton but solid non-print colors that will also work great for concealing flab in the lower body area.

Patience is a virtue when shopping for beachwear

The one thing about swimsuit shopping is that it takes nerves of steel, and you have to get strategic about it. Some women that look perfect to you, really aren’t, but they’ve got great fashion sense and know how to flatter their bodies effectively. Be prepared to try on plenty of swimsuits and cover-ups in glaring dressing room lights before you find the perfect outfits.

Working out and developing a toned body also does wonders for the flab. But no matter how hard you work out, or how skinny you are, as you get older and especially after having children, you probably can’t avoid developing a little bit of flab. This is simply genetic for some women. You can to a certain extent, tone up the flab by working out. In fact, resistance training is great for this because it helps give you muscle tone which in turn can smooth down the look of cellulite. The nautilus machines are great for this type of toning.

Flabby legs

Some flab can be from being out of shape, and some flab can be from gaining and losing weight over a period of years. For example, after you have children your skin has stretched out and in again plenty and when you get back down to size, some skin just is not elastic enough to snap back tight. That is why some women elect to make a trade off between unsightly scars for example with a tummy tuck, for getting rid of excess skin that hangs on the body and frustrates them. It happens, and I think women really struggle, especially as they age, to don their bodies out on the beach. This is where strategic shopping and something as simple as a flowing long skirt can do wonders.

Dealing with flab is universal, don’t think you are alone for one second. This is just run of the mill for women and it’s unrealistic to assume that you are going to have taut legs like a model. What you can do is eat healthy, maintain the recommended weight and try not to fluctuate too much. Work out to improve your muscle tone.  If you pair your jiggle with a flowing skirt it gives you a feminine look at that jiggle all of a sudden because very sexy I kid you not!  You just have to dress smart and work it.

Now, assuming you’ve done all that, you might still have some body flaws in the lower area, including for example flab, a droopy or flat bottom, and cellulite on the front or back of thighs. That’s where the long sexy slit skirt comes in! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is a great swimsuit flatterer. The hexagon print skirt shown is by Asos, USA. Since this one has a pattern you are going to want to keep it simple as shown, with a solid color bikini top and solid color sandals. I love this look on all body types. If you are on the shorter side, look for a skirt that comes down only to the calf, rather the ground, and pair with a wedge sandal instead of a flat to give you added height.

Long beach skirt



Still searching for the photo source of this great picture.  This shows us how lightweight cotton or gauze pants can be a great beach cover up.  These pants are perfect for women who are trying to hide cellulite.

Hide cellulite, and even make cellulite look good

In fact, a pair of lightweight pants that are breezy and feminine can make cellulite sort of look … good!  Men love a little bit of jiggle and are not attracted to the uber skinny look as some women mistakenly think.  If your lower body has some jiggle or junk in the trunk that cannot be concealed by a swimsuit alone, try a pair of lightweight beach pants in easy breezy gauze or cotton.  These pants are going to conceal some flaws while at the same time creating maximum visual appeal for those super feminine parts that have a little big of a jiggle and shake to them.

Lightweight beach pants conceal lower body problem areas

Another way to conceal problematic legs is to pair this with a wedge heel sandal in a neutral color.  Adding a bit of height can have a slenderizing effect.  These pants are adorable as he yellow color pops and the navy blue picks up the color of the navy blue bandeau.  If you choose a bright or tropical beach pant be sure to cover it up with a simple color swimsuit top so that the patterns don’t overwhelm.  This subdued navy blue bandeau complements the pants wonderfully.

Self conscious about your legs showing in a swimsuit? Got for a look like this to cover flaws and keep the summer vibe going.  When wearing bright patterns keep the other aspects of your look simple and low-key.  This is a great inspiration photograph for girls seeking that ultra bohemian look. Hoping to track down the purchase source for this photograph soon.

Bohemian beach look



Oh my god this adorable take on a maxi dress is to die for!  So cute is this mermaid maxi dress for less than fifty dollars!   I located this dress on a very cute site that I had not encountered before.  It is called Bikini Luxe.  It is a small boutique with some wonderfully selected merchandise that is selected with care.

Beach maxi dress

Her maxi dress really flatters the figure!  This dress makes a smaller chest look perfectly petit, and it also forms a substantial buttock for maximum sex appeal!  I love!  The fabric is light, airy and flowing.  The drawstring waist accentuates your figure and promotes the hourglass effect giving you some curves.  The string ties are sexy and summery.

Flowing dress is feminine and figure flattering

I really love this dress, it’s everything a beach coverup should be.  Just wonderful.  Kudos to Candice Galek for putting together such an adorable shop.  All of her selections are designed to flatter a real woman’s figure.  Glad I ran across this web site, it hits the nail on the head when it comes to flattering beach clothes!  Check out Bikini Luxe for figure flattering coverups including this Mermaid Maxi dress.

Bikini Luxe

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