I’ve seen these fresh and inexpensive wide leg chiffon gauze pants for sale on several resale web sites including ebay, polyvore, and amazon. These fresh pants are less than fifteen bucks and they are just great for hiding big thighs in beach appropriate clothing. Couple with a bathing suit top and you are good to go.

Hide lower body issues with flowing chiffon beach pants

Women often think they have to wear a very unstylish plus size swimsuit and dread appearing beach or poolside if they are heavy or obese. They don’t realize that with a little bit of shopping and strategizing, they can hang out at the pool without feeling like a beached whale. These adorable wide leg trousers are a perfect example of something incredibly light weight to wear at the pool, that still hides certain body parts that can’t be hidden in just a bathing suit.

You may not want to go completely into the water with these beach pants on, but you can certainly sit at the pool with your legs in, and get the bottom of these quick drying chiffon pants wet. These are also great if you want to hide jiggle, cellulite or junk in the trunk when you are walking to the restroom, getting food, or partying at a poolside barbecue. You’ll feel summer appropriate, breezy, beautiful, and most of all secure in these.

Feminine flowing clothes are sexy

For women who have some meat on the bones, please realize that some jiggle can actually be mesmerizing to men! What’s is great about a casual beach pant like these is that they are flowing and feminine and that spells … sexy! If you are self-conscious about your lower body, you should definitely invest in a long beach pant for summer. Paired with cute summery thong sandals and a swimsuit top, you will look fantastic and feminine.

Resort clothes



I ran across this beautiful swimsuit cover up when browsing the online store Kayokoko Swimwear.  This skirt is a delightful and feminine swimsuit coverup. Perfect for the woman with large thighs, it can hide a pear-shaped bottom wonderfully.

Pear shaped bottom

A pear-shaped figure can be hard to fit for a swimsuit but there are plenty of ways to accentuate the positive on this type of figure.  Usually pear-shaped women are gorgeous up top but packing a little extra weight or flab down lower.  In comes the long skirt and wedge heels, which makes this figure type look instantly sumptuous and voluptuous rather than bottom heavy.

Try a long slit skirt as they look gorgeous on pear-shaped figure

The long skirt shown here is wonderful!  Its called the Arcadia long skirt and it’s from Ondademar Swimwear designer.  It’s part of their 2014 collection. What is fabulous is that the material conceals but at the same time there is a sexy slit and the fabric is lightweight, flowing and feminine.  This is the perfect figure flattering skirt for a woman who wants to hide big thighs or a jiggle booty. It also looks great on an older woman who may have a flatter bottom that has lost some of its volume.

Lengthen short legs with a neutral colored high heel wedge sandal

Another great figure flattering tip shown in this fantastic photograph for Ondademar is that you can accentual short legs or a pear shaped bottom by wearing a higher wedge heel.  Notice that the wedge heel is in a neutral color, which is key.  Rather than drawing attention, these blend in sandals add height and make her legs look miles long.  Awesome.

Great tips shown here by Ondademar.  Try a long slit skirt in a feminine flowing material to help flatter a pear shaped bottom, a flabby bottom, a flat rear, or short legs.  The feminine flow and long leg illusion is going to bring out the best for sure.  Lovely! Check out Koyoko Swimwear online.

Ondademar Swimwear



Casual cotton in lightweight material can make for a wonderful coverup for that beach vacation.  Get in the mood for beach attire with this wonderful casual beach wedding scene.  They look casual, happy and relaxed.  Her simple white cotton long dress looks adorable and beach appropriate. 

Casual beach wedding

Lightweight cotton or gauze is always a great choice when it comes to dressing for that romantic beach vacation.  A pure, simply beautiful look is so fresh and inspiring.  Note the girls relaxed hair, light golden tan, and most importantly her smile.  Completely covered she still looks cool and breezy.  Are they ready for toes in the sand or what?  Such and inspirtational photoraph of casual beach attire. A wonderfal casual beach wedding look as bride and groom are radiant!

Cotton beach attire

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