I’ve seen these fresh and inexpensive wide leg chiffon gauze pants for sale on several resale web sites including ebay, polyvore, and amazon. These fresh pants are less than fifteen bucks and they are just great for hiding big thighs in beach appropriate clothing. Couple with a bathing suit top and you are good to go.

Hide lower body issues with flowing chiffon beach pants

Women often think they have to wear a very unstylish plus size swimsuit and dread appearing beach or poolside if they are heavy or obese. They don’t realize that with a little bit of shopping and strategizing, they can hang out at the pool without feeling like a beached whale. These adorable wide leg trousers are a perfect example of something incredibly light weight to wear at the pool, that still hides certain body parts that can’t be hidden in just a bathing suit.

You may not want to go completely into the water with these beach pants on, but you can certainly sit at the pool with your legs in, and get the bottom of these quick drying chiffon pants wet. These are also great if you want to hide jiggle, cellulite or junk in the trunk when you are walking to the restroom, getting food, or partying at a poolside barbecue. You’ll feel summer appropriate, breezy, beautiful, and most of all secure in these.

Feminine flowing clothes are sexy

For women who have some meat on the bones, please realize that some jiggle can actually be mesmerizing to men! What’s is great about a casual beach pant like these is that they are flowing and feminine and that spells … sexy! If you are self-conscious about your lower body, you should definitely invest in a long beach pant for summer. Paired with cute summery thong sandals and a swimsuit top, you will look fantastic and feminine.

Resort clothes


Do you want to wear a one piece swimsuit for comfort and coverage yet stand out of the crowd? Try going with the color red. Remember the iconic red one piece swimsuit that Pamela Anderson wore on the television show Baywatch? Well her suit has gone up for auction for some three thousand dollars! Never fear, the Lycra one-piece can be easily imitated.

You don’t need the lifeguard logo to capture the same fire engine red effect. Red goes great with blond hair and a tan. The higher legs on the swimsuit will elongate your legs. They say that men are drawn to the color red also. If you want the Baywatch effect just get a one piece red swimsuit since you can’t go wrong. It’s a classic look and you won’t get missed in this style.

There are quite a few stores online where you can find a classic one piece red swimsuit.   If you search google for one piece red swimsuit you’ll get the shopping results.  For example, try Macy’s they have a really nice one by Anne Cole, Nordstroms, Spanx or Ebay.   To amplify the bombshell look you’ll want to find spaghetti straps and a scoop neckline at the front.    The high-cut leg will complete the beach babe look.

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