I am not much into the trendy look, but rather go for whatever looks cool, unique, and figure flattering.  That being said I’ve noticed that fringe bathing suits have come in style since 2010 and stayed in style all the way into 2012.  Just the other day I noticed a number of fringe tops displayed prominently in the Nordstroms swimsuit section at the fancy local mall West-side Pavillion in Brentwood, California.

Please be a little younger to don this fashion forward trend.  I picked this swimsuit because I though the girl looked sexy and the darker color muted down the fringe a little bit.  I’ve seen the fringe in bright neon color bikini tops and paired with floral print bottoms as a mix and match.  This one is opposite the trend but I like the rich warm color of it.  Also, I like the special D-ring accent on the bikini bottoms.  To look as good as this young beauty, you’ll have to buy a fake spray on tan from the local mystic tan salon.

This bikini is called the Audrey Fringe Diva D Ring.  It’s new by L*Space bikinis for 2012.  The taupe color would be appropriate for someone a little older who wants to be trendy but not over the top with the girl-ish neon.  This one looks more mature.  Remember, you have to be the fashion trend type woman to pull this type of suit off.    Saw this suit on bikini-swimsuit-2012, and it’s called Audrey by L*Space.


Heine swimwear has a small selection of swimsuits that offer stylish designs coupled with ample modesty.  These swimsuits are for the woman that wants to look sexy without showing too much skin.  The suits are promoted by gorgeous Raica Oliveira.

This particular Heine tankini has a soothing color and what is nice is that you can easily wear the top with shorts or a skirt.  Tankinis are often hard to look attractive in yet one advantage is that the tops can become clothing if you want a casual yet sexy beachy look.  Tankini swim suits look good when you throw on a pair of shorts over the botoms to go get a bite.   The top is cute, the bottom is rather high waisted but it would be perfect for a thinner woman who would like to tuck in excess skin or scarring from surgery such as a cesarean.

The one thing you should always think of when buying a tankini is how usable the top is and if you’ll be able to wear it with shorts, a skirt, sweats, or Capri’s.   If you can utilize the top it makes it a tankini a much better purchase.  This one is from the Heine collection for Spring and Summer 2011 but it will remain stylish over time.  We found this suit reviewed on the fashion trend site Million Looks.



Designer swimsuits from Nina Swimwear have sleek cuts and fun details to them.  The silver colored Dolly suit has huge rings in the top and bottom.  This top is great for a small busted woman.  The center ring and halter tie add cute action to the top which in a sense will deflect attention from a flatter chest.  And, the gathering that the top does around the ring gives a nice bust enhancing effect.  You’ll appear to be bigger than you are in this.  If you see this suit from the back it has the rouching detailing on the behind.    Right up the back seam of the bottoms it has gathering like it does with the halter top.  This suit is so cute!

You can buy this suit online at a number of stores.  Just search for Nina swimwear Dolly bikini.  I saw it for sale on Couture Candy.  Couture Candy is a great swimsuit site online and they carry many designer suits in their online catalog.  Their site also gives both front, side and back views of the suit in nice photographs like this one, for every single suit!

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