I am not much into the trendy look, but rather go for whatever looks cool, unique, and figure flattering.  That being said I’ve noticed that fringe bathing suits have come in style since 2010 and stayed in style all the way into 2012.  Just the other day I noticed a number of fringe tops displayed prominently in the Nordstroms swimsuit section at the fancy local mall West-side Pavillion in Brentwood, California.

Please be a little younger to don this fashion forward trend.  I picked this swimsuit because I though the girl looked sexy and the darker color muted down the fringe a little bit.  I’ve seen the fringe in bright neon color bikini tops and paired with floral print bottoms as a mix and match.  This one is opposite the trend but I like the rich warm color of it.  Also, I like the special D-ring accent on the bikini bottoms.  To look as good as this young beauty, you’ll have to buy a fake spray on tan from the local mystic tan salon.

This bikini is called the Audrey Fringe Diva D Ring.  It’s new by L*Space bikinis for 2012.  The taupe color would be appropriate for someone a little older who wants to be trendy but not over the top with the girl-ish neon.  This one looks more mature.  Remember, you have to be the fashion trend type woman to pull this type of suit off.    Saw this suit on bikini-swimsuit-2012, and it’s called Audrey by L*Space.

  One Response to “Audrey fringe diva bikini has trendy fringe, yes fringe, is still in style from 2010 to 2012, for fashion forward girls”

  1. that bikini is adrolbae. high waists look so retro-cute… but i think they are insanely hard to pull off…. and actually not that handy for your tan lines. on second thought, i think i prefer them in old photos than in reality. i would stick to something more classic… throwing on a tank top over your bikini top is a good idea, and then you can always just take it off if you realize all her old neighbors are wearing them too! xx

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