I recently stumbled across a write up on eFashion Trend about 2012 fashion trends.  In it they featured the brand H & M as carrying cute swimsuit styles from 2012.  The low cost Swedish based fashion brand is among many clothing and apparel stores that feature a restricted line of swimsuits.  They have so many shoppers that they are able to interest them in smaller swimsuit selections where cute styles have been hand picked just for the store.  Many of the styles are in fact cute. 

If you aren’t good at picking out swimwear you can look at the smaller selections in the popular clothing stores.  You won’t get the same number of suits to choose from but you can get the current glamour and fashion trend styles in such shops.  Be forewarned though that clothing stores carrying swimsuits are often for the younger crowd and they assume that you have an adorable figure already.  If you’ve got the figure for it, you can grab an inexpensive suit that follows the fashion trends from the trendy clothing stores. 

If your figure is more challenged however, these swimsuits may be a flimsy no go.  For a women needing real body shaping swimwear she might want to stick with the larger selection swimsuit stores or department stores with more choices for her such as Macy’s or Nordstrom. If you have anything to hide or that needs target specific flattering it is rare that you’d be able to find a good fit in a limited selection. Go where you have more swimsuits to try on.  Check out the limited selection for trend ideas but shop where there is a bigger selection of choices.

This adorable style from H & M illustrates a few key fashion trends.  For one thing, the bandeau style top is back in style, as long as it gives appropriate coverage which this one does.  Men love this style and it lets you eliminate tan lines.  Sometimes these bandeau styles have removable straps so you can swim in them without feeling insecure.  Just don’t lose the straps.  Along with the H & M bandeau style, these bikini bottoms make another fashion statement.  Bikini bottoms with more coverage are back in style with a vengence.  Skimpy brazilian cut swimsuit bottoms and revealing string tie bottoms look hot in Sports Illustrated and Maxim magazine but leave very little to the imagination.  A bottom with ample coverage like this one shown, is more appropriate and even men like more coverage.  So remember, don’t let it all hang out in the swimsuit. 

If your figure rocks you can grab a preselected, trendy suit from the local clothing store at a steep discount.  If your figure has flaws and you need more body shaping style then don’t bother to try on these swimsuits.  Just check them out for ideas as stores like H & M preselect cute styles.  Then, head to a swim store with a larger selection and look for something similar with more ample coverage, stronger material, and that has the adequate support and lining needed for your particular body.

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