74% of men like the classic string triangle top and string tie bikini bottom as compared to 93% of men that prefer the standard two piece swimsuit on a woman.  Basically, more men prefer a bit more body coverage.  The reason is that the string bikinis can get too revealing.  Therefore, to keep your bikini attractive to men make sure it isen’t too skimpy.  You can not flop out of the bikini.  That means, no bulging over flowing cleavage and no bottoming out below the triangle top either.  Look for a nice fitting string tie top like the one shown here and men will prefer it. 

This Solid Wonders triangle string bikini in lavender was found at Laila Brand.  It is the classic string bikini yet not quite as skimpy as the micro bikinis you often see.  You should strive for this look.  Remember that men voted to like classic two pieces and bandeau bikinis even more than the skimpy string bikini.  Therefore, when you opt for the string bikini be sure to get one that has a little bit more body coverage as men prefer it.  Don’t get itsy bitty sized triangles or thong bottoms unless you have a Hawaiian Tropic model bikini body.

The reason men like the classic two piece more than the string bikini you ask?  Because string bikinis leave too little to the imagination.  It’s fine for a sexy magazine shoot but in real life men don’t really like it to all hang out.  In some string bikini styles you can literally see every little detail of the female figure.  If your figure is not perfect in such a suit, it shows.  Skimpier string bikinis reveal the outlines of the body quite clearly leaving little mystery or intrigue.  More coverage equals more mystery.  This lavender string tie bikini covers while still staying true to the classic string tie bikini style.  That’s why it’s a men love it, women love too swimsuit.

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