Luli Fama is a swimsuit designer with fabulous swimwear collections. This swimsuit features the sexy sexy model Irina Sheik. She is so sultry and gorgeous looking. I love this swimsuit and this picture. Gorgeous! This is the type of swimsuit a man would love to see his girlfriend wearing! Her swimwear designs are immaculately made. The designs are gorgeous, and the selected shapes of the suits are universally flattering.

Normal swimsuits come in normal fabric designs. Designer swimsuits, come in hand-picked color palettes with eclectic color mixes and designs. This particular swimsuit pattern is charming, girly, festive, but at the same time, sophisticated. The swimsuit looks youthful with the playful bright colors, yet it looks way chic when compared to a Hawaiian floral pring. I like the yellow color boost in the fabric. If you were to get a spray on tan, this swimsuit would make the tan really stand out and look beautiful.¬† Look for designer Luli Fama, she’s great.


Elite fashion swimwear always has cutting edge stylish bathing suits. This featured 2012 designer swimsuit is from Lulifama Isla Bonita. What is so hot about this bandeau swimsuit is that it has standout color but it’s not the usual type of color. It’s unique. What you commonly see are floral print bikinis, animal print bikinis, solid color bikinis, and geometric design bikinis. This rainbow ribbon style is different!

If playful and fun is your personality then this style is fantastic. It is perfection for the cute bouncy woman who has a curvy figure. It’s a fun, playful and sexy swimsuit. If you want to capture¬†this bouncy look try to shop for a suit that is playful and a bit out of the ordinary. You’ll want a punch of color but not the typical floral or polka dots that you always see. This Lulifama Isla Bonita is a fun design.

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