Leave it to Gottex to come up with a one piece swimsuit that is whimsical, folklore inspired and beautiful.  This swimsuit looks incredible on a fashion model and even greater on a woman with an average figure.  Gottex swimsuits are the perfect blend of style and function.  This swimsuit covers all you need it to, and has sturdy straps to support you.  Gottex swimsuits are always made with attention to detail as both the material and the material pattern is always formed to slim you and hold everything in.

Folklore inspired swimsuit

This multicolor folklore printed one piece swimsuit is so wonderful!  I ran across this and many other newer Gottex styles on the web site Lyst.  This suit will cost you about $170 but never fear because you cannot go wrong with a Gottex swimsuit.  They always look good on all figure types.  I’ve also seen this swimsuit selling in high-end department store sites such as Bergdof Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

The pretty whimsical folklore style of this swimsuit is summery, bright, and feminine most of all.  Really beautiful.   Notice how Gottex has the print creating a slimming effect at the waist with the turquoise color swirls.  The back of the swimsuit has a low cut open back, and the folklore print at the waist in back also makes the waist and rump look amazing.  Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about the Gottex brand.  They have been doing designer swimsuits for decades, as long as I can remember, and just when you think they will disappear off the map they come back with a new summer swimwear line that looks up with the times while is built with figure flattering a normal body in mind.

Love!  Check out the site Lyst which gives you a number of store options for purchasing a single item and links to similar fashion items as well.  This swimsuit is form flattering, and feminine, a winner overall.


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