Do you have broad shoulders or flabby arms that make you self-conscious when it comes to wearing a swimsuit?  I have a good friend who refused, just refused to wear a swimsuit because she had what she called chubby arms and bat-wings.  That’s when you have excess skin that hangs loosely under your arms. 

The perplexing thing was that she had this incredible bust-line that easily eclipsed any perceived issue with the arms.  But because of her chubby arm complex, she refused to make use of her voluptuous gorgeous body! Don’t make the mistake of getting so hung up on one body flaw that you fail to show off the positive aspects of your body.

Flatter your figure

Always take advantage of your best features because this downplays your worst features. Beautiful women know this most elemental beauty trick. They know how to play up their best features to maximum advantage and they also know how to downplay their body and figure flaws.

Swimsuit coverup that flatters your arms

For flabby arms try what is called the Dolman sleeve style.  This is a loose sleeve that has plenty of space under the arm put area.  The sleeve is very wide and this tunic style of top lets the arms breeze in a wide open simple sleeve.  Another aspect of the dolman style sleeve is that these shirts often come with a deep V-neck.  Why? Because a deep V-neck flatters the chest area and takes focus away from the arms and puts it on to something else!  This bait and switch fashion trick works wonders!

Jordan Taylor designs swimdresses and swim cover ups that really flatter the larger figure.  This designer is expert at making you look so much more slender.  You can find Jordan Taylor designs at plus size stores online such as Roaman’s, and also at main stream stores like Sears and K-mart.  The fashions are amazing for the plus figure.  Look at this beautiful Jordan Taylor women’s V-neck swim coverup for example!  It’s beautiful!  This flatters the larger figure like no tomorrow. 

Dolman sleeves

The dolman sleeves are great for broad shoulders are arm flab that needs disguising.  The higher empire waist line and deep V-neck draw attention up to the chest and away from heavier hips, thighs, and buttock.  The soft and loose material will soften up a larger figure and take it from just fat to purely voluptuous.  The loose material through the dress covers a plethora of flaws and makes the most of a larger figure. 

I can’t say enough good things about this Dolman sleeve V-neck tunic swim coverup.  It has excellent reviews on-line and can be purchased in several different colors including macadamia, violet-blue, and black.  The gentle woven fabric is lightweight and airy. I have seen this tunic retail priced at $52 but you can find it on sale for as low as $38 if you shop a bit online. Love Jordan Taylor designs!

Jordan Taylor



Soak up the sun in style wearing this Roaman’s illusion swim dress, a plus size swimsuit created just for your curves. This swimdress has alluring illusion mesh accents in the front and back of this beautiful swimwear. Powernet lining throughout will keep your figure supported and smooth. A shelf bra with soft foam cups helps shape the bustline. This swimsuit has an attached brief that lets you enjoy the day worry free.

Swimdress for your post-baby body

There are times when you are in no way prepared to be wearing a swimsuit. You could be simply overweight and uncomfortable with exposing your entire figure in a skimpier in a swimsuit. However, you nevertheless are forced unwillingly into the beach or pool environment through no fault of your own.

For example, maybe you just had a baby and have yet to drop the baby weight. Or maybe you have very young children who need to learn how to swim. Maybe you are at a resort with youngsters and you have to supervise them in the water but are not particularly ready for swimsuit exposure. You could just be at a weight high-point after a traumatic event like divorce or having health issues, and entirely ill-prepared for swimwear season.

Feeling comfortable in swimwear

If this is you, neverfear. Plus size stores like Roaman’s have a variety of perfectly sexy swimdresses that will let you enjoy your time outdoors without feeling self-conscious at all. Expert designers from Roamans created this beautiful swimdress and it even gives you extra UV protection with SPF 40 fabric. You can adjust the wide straps to secure a more perfect fit for your cup size.

Remember that the more you play and enjoy life, the more likely it is that you will get exercise and eat well. Pretty soon you will not feel uncomfortable in your swimsuit because you will be in the best shape of your life. Until then, this style of swimdress will make you feel comfortable in your own beautiful skin!


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