What better way to look ten pounds thinner than by covering up with a kaftan? Kaftans of yesteryear, aka moo-moos are a thing of the past. Upscale designers like Zeugari now offer women a beautiful, sexy, luxurious alternative to the old school bach kaftan.


Kaftans are wonderful for coverup up all of the body flaws that make you feel self-conscious. This kaftan covers a plethora of figure flaws. First of all it has loose shoulders and covers a big shoulder or arm flab. Second of all it covers extra weight throughout the belly, hips and waist. Notice the high waist of this kaftan and decorative V-neck, which draws attention upward giving the body a free body-lift and hiding lower body excess weight.

This kaftan has a very sheer flowing material yet the darker colors do hide the weight. If you feel self-conscious in a swimsuit here is what you do. Wear the kaftan while walking around, getting a snack or socializing. Meanwhile, use the bikini sans cover-up for mainly when you are sunning in the lounge chair where you can be more modest. The long slit in front even lets you sit at pools edge with your legs in the water while staying dry.  The thin, sheer fabric of this kaftan will dry quickly if it gets wet.

What I love about this kaftan is that it gives a sheer, feminine look that men adore. It spells beauty for sure. This is so much more elegant than say, a pair of gym shorts or an oversized t-shirt. I just love, love, love designer Zeugari. They take old styles and make them into something beautiful. Check the foot jewelry as well, another Zeugari specialty. Visit Zeugari’s web site to check out their newest collections for fall 2013 and spring 2014.




Zeugari Beachwear INC. has some adorable foot candy that can decorate and accessorize your bikini looks.  If you are wearing a plain solid color suit because this flatters the figure never fear.  You can still make your look colorful and dazzling by adding some cool Zeugari foot candy.

Foot Candy

Zeugari carries such cute accessories for the beach. Look at this solid and opaque white and aqua beaded foot jewelry. Adorable! It is accented with silver beads, has adjustable chain and clasp at back, looks perfect on its own or with sandals.

Zeugari’s foot candy is sold by the pair. The one depicted here is called Alba. They have all different colors and variations of this foot jewelry. Their styles include Corallo, Concia, Mare, Mezzo, Miragio, Rosa, Jade and more. If you want to add some sparkle dazzle to a solid one color swimsuit try foot candy from Zeugari Swimwear!

Zeugaris Swimwear INC



I love Zeugari Beachwear Inc! God this designer has such sexy collections for the glamorous woman. You can look like a celebrity, supermodel, rock star or just a famous person wearing their swimwear because they lock onto the hottest fashion forward trends.  Their styles remind me of the way Kirsten Stewart dresses. Sort of edgy, trendy, fashion forward. Geometric colors, black and white, zippers and sexy hot celebrity touches. Love this swimsuit designer!

Rock star triangle zipper top

Step out in Zeugari’s rock star collection.  This bikini features adjustable zipper detailing and suspender clips with unique backs to complement this bold line.  The bikini top helps maximize cleavage with molded cups and working zipper.  Totally cool suspender clips and a racer back gives this top a unique look. Fully lined. 90% nylon, 10% Lycra. Made in Canada.

Rock star wide band bottom

Step out in Zeugari’s rock star collection features adjustable zipper detailing and sexy suspender clips with unique backs to complement this bold line. This wide band Brazilian bottom features zipper detailing to enhance the hips. So unique.  A seam is sewn in the back to further accentuate the curves. Fully lined. 90% nylon, 10% Lycra. Made in Canada

Check out Zeugari swimsuits on Zeugari.com or search in google for Zeugari swimsuits as many of the top online boutiques carry items from their collections. Their swimsuits aren’t cheap but still worth the investment. This top costs $83 and the bottoms $68, sold as separates. This swimsuit is sexy, sulty, and smoking hot as all getout!  The little suspender clamps on the top and the zippers are just the coolest.  Go Canada.

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