Mod Cloth online store really just gets it with the plus size swimwear they select for their store. I found this one piece swimsuit called Coupe of Tea on their size, and wow is this a cutie pie swimsuit. Would you believe that this swimsuit got four out of five stars out of over sixty reviews? That tells you, that it flatters and fits just like it should.

Girl Howdy

On a warm day, there’s nothing better than being beach-bound in your vintage car, so why not have a vintage inspired plus size swimsuit too? This black and white checkered thigh slender miracle is a checkered swimsuit by Girl Howdy.

Hide heavy thighs

The red halter ties are the winning feature of this swimsuit and exemplify all that you need to know in order to flatter a plus size body and heavy thighs. That pop of red just lifts your eyes up when you see it, therefore the onlooker is attracted upward and she gets a plastic surgery free instant body lift. The red halter straps that pop in color are genius here.  Subtle ruching and comfy cups also keep this look fabulously flattering. This draws attention away from the heavy thighs and towards the luscious aspects of her figure.

This retro swimsuit by Girl Howdy is a total win, and kudos to Mod Cloth for featuring plus size swimsuit that really look youthful and so flattering I love, and so do the reviewers who bought it. It’s a popular design and comes in different patterns and designs due to its popularity.

Mod Cloth



Monif-C wins my heart again with this blue ruffle plus size dazzle swimsuit!  I love, love, love Monif-C’s original style for plus size.  The swimsuits are just gorgeous and made with all consideration towards flattering the figure nicely.

This particular swimsuit illustrates a great way to balance out larger thighs by having counter-balance action on the top with the ruffle and the one shoulder detail.  The ruffle balances out the thighs and makes her figure look proportional rather than bottom heavy.  Note the cute string ties on the side also give a nice touch and visually thin the thighs.  This swimsuit reigns supreme for thigh-thinning.

Another brilliant feature of this gorgeous plus swimsuit is the one strap detail.  Notice this breaks up the ruffle a bit and adds an exposed shoulder so as to draw the visual focus of the onlooker upward.  Upward is a good thing as this type of styling gives the plus size figure a free visual body lift.


Monif-C shows plus size is really gorgeous and her swimsuits flatter the plus size figure in all the right ways.  If you need to go from fat to voluptuous let Monif-C work her swimsuit magic on you.  Monif-C swimsuits are carried online and at a wide variety of stores now. 

I saw this particular suit on Polyvore.  I like Polyvore as a shopping site as it aggregates merchandise from a variety of stores together into a convenient place where you can compare styles that interest you.  In this case, the Monif-C swimsuit was being offered by a cute plus site called Always for Me.  Always for Me features swimwear, cover-ups, active wear, accessories, lingerie and more in plus sizes 16W to 26W.

Polyvore features Monif-C from Always for Me



This Miraclesuit Oceanus multi-draped swimsuit is a gem that I found available on the Home Shopping Network.  You can find the Miraclesuit brand at  Macy’s, Soma, Swimoutlet, Lands End and many other stores although most retail stores pick only a few of the Miraclesuit styles to carry in-house.   This particular Miraclesuit is the Aurora style which covers problem areas of the figure while still enhancing your good figure assets.

HSN swimwear

I forgot that HSN is a viable place to shop for swimwear and this swimsuit reminded me that they do sometimes feature figure flattering swimwear.  Usually, HSN will sell a select style of swimsuit that addresses something specific about a woman’s figure, such as making them appear 10 times thinner.  So you can be sure that what they market appeals to a large audience.

The one disadvantage about purchasing swimsuits online, is that you can’t try on the swimsuit.  Returning for a difference size involves making a trip to the local mail store and paying for shipping.  Return headaches notwithstanding, if you are the order on TV type, know your size and you order from online venues regularly, you might be able to find a great Miraclesuit like this one that really turns your figure around.   After all, it is very difficult to find good selections in the local stores, especially so if you are plus size or have for example, a large cup/bra size.

Miraclesuit makes you look ten pounds thinner

This Oceanus Miraclesuit has a number of flattering features.  This Miraclesuit minimizes the backside, thighs, and waist.  It slenderizes the hips, offers tummy control and a soft cup bra with fixed straps.  The back has a high scoop with a V-neckline in front.  Overall this swimsuit which retails for around$160 is worth every penny.  It is consistently reviews as 4.8-5.0/5.0 online.  It comes in black, deep blue or deep purple.  If you insist on a skirted swimdress to camouflage larger thighs, this hip-whittling, waist-shaping swimdress will be a winner for you.

Miraclesuit Aurora

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