White is an all time classic color swimsuit. While swimsuits can often be designed with other colors and prints in the mix, the brilliant pop of plain white fabric is the ultimate classic look.  White swimwear is classy, sexy and simple. It’s a look men are attracted to, as they don’t notice style, cut, fabric and embellishments the way women do. There are a wide array of designers that put out white swimsuits so you’ll never run out of swimsuit options if white is the color you seek.

This bikini is the classic triangle top style with side string tie bottoms. This is generally worn by a woman that is slender, although you can pull off this look if you are heavier but nonetheless athletic and toned.  You need to have a relatively small top for the triangle string top style. A large chest will bulge out the sides and bottom too much and the top will be too difficult to keep it’s place. There is nothing worse than constantly falling out of your top or having your chest peeking out the bottom of the top.  Proper fit is everything.

A white swimsuit should be fully lined

The way to look flattering in a white swimsuit is to first of all find one that is lined. It’s generally better to wear this for looks and style because if you do go into the water it will be see through. Be sure to check what this bikini looks like wet, or plan to get a whole lot of attention if you are in public in a wet white bikini. If you plan to swim, it needs to be fully lined so as to prevent it from getting too see-through.

Try a fake spray on tan to complement the white swimsuit

The way to compliment a classic white bikini is to get a nice deep tan to contrast off the white which makes it stand out. Do not get a real tan however, they rays are so unsafe as are the tanning beds. Try one of those spray on tans in the salon before you go on your vacation or during the time in the summer where you will be wearing that white bikini the most. The spray on tan lasts a about a week.

Another alternative is to get a gradual build tanning cream and slowly build up a glowing home golden fake tan. The only thing you must watch out for is to apply the cream when you are not wearing the bikini (like the night before). If you get that white bikini anywhere near tanning cream or spray that has yet to set, it will permanently stain the fabric.

White stains easily and its hard to remove tanning stains from a white swimsuit so be careful. I love the quick spray on tan like Sally Hanson but you should avoid this if you plan to promptly put on a white bikini because you might get the tan stuff on the bikini. Get that tan in place well before you wear the bikini so it doesn’t bleed onto the material.

White swimwear and beachwear


Talk about a famous and notorious swimsuit!  This flesh colored one piece swimsuit became an instant icon when Bo Derek wore the swimsuit in the movie “10”.  

Derek was as natural as possible without having clothes off with this skin colored one piece.  Her corn row adorned hair added an original touch to the outfit.  The second she put on this swimsuit in the movie, this picture became an icon of what a perfect 10 looks like.

Flesh colored one piece swimsuit

This tan color swimsuit is as popular today as it once was.  The main attraction factor is that the swimsuit looks just like natural skin color.  From a distance it looks like there are no clothes on at all.  Do you think men love this?  Yes they do because it is sexy!  While not being overly skimpy the mere color and body clinging nature of this one piece are nevertheless sexy as all get out. 

Sexy swimwear does not have to mean skimpy swimwear

As you prepare to slip into your swimsuit this season, just be aware that a skimpy string bikini is not your only sexy option.  You can look sexy with interesting fabric or unique color. Novel details and a variety of swimsuit styles can be sexy.  If you think you can’t wear a suit like this as plus size you are wrong.  The fact is, this natural looking suit is something you can easily couple with a crochet or nice beach cover-up that is loose and opens in the front.  A swimsuit like this paired with a soft coverup can help hide figure flaws. With a cover-up draped over, you get a sexy peek-a-boo look with a flesh toned swimsuit underneath.

If you want to adopt a classic supermodel look, try a flesh toned swimsuit and couple it with a cool hair style like a braid.  If you have modesty issues try an open beach coverup to go over the swimsuit so you don’t feel quite so exposed in it.  Hot!

Flesh colored one piece swimsuit


Hawaii bikinis are the quintessential look.  These floral designs with flowers or palm trees are famous and have represented the traditional Hawaii bikinis for years.  When looking for a Hawaii inspired bikini you must consider what will be flattering to the figure.  Too many Hawaii prints are loud and obnoxious.  Tropical inspiration is sexy and hot, but not when it makes you look like a tacky tourist.  A more subtle Hawaii accent looks the best.

When looking for the original Hawaii style bikini follow these simple tips.  Look for bikinis that have a fair amount of plain, non print fabric to them.  Such designs make the body look slenderized.  Solid neutral or vibrant colors look the most flattering on women carrying extra weight.  Solids help make you look skinny.  This Hawaii bikini is the perfect example of the right amount of Hawaiian influence.  The design is total Hawaii inspiration yet subtle and subdued. 

Remember that the solid color bikini lets the beauty of the girl shine through.  You want to wear the bikini not have the bikini wear you.  To enhance your natural beauty and feel your best pick a Hawaii bikini that has Hawaii accents rather than a print all over the entire bathing suit. 

Whether you are lounging at the beach, partying at poolside, or catching waves, a solid base color bikini with a Hawaii accent will help you look and feel your best.  This bikini is gorgeous all the way around.  Notice that it is sexy and natural but not too skimpy.  It has sturdy halter ties and a well fitted bottom.  This bikini is perfect for the active, natural girl.  Notice her tan in this wonderful photograph and how it offsets nicely to the light color swimsuit.  Remember, apply a fake tan rather than lie out for a real tan to avoid burn and sun damage.  Do a spray on prior to heading out in the sun and wear plenty of sunscreen in the sun.  Love!

Hawaii bikini

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