Hawaii bikinis are the quintessential look.  These floral designs with flowers or palm trees are famous and have represented the traditional Hawaii bikinis for years.  When looking for a Hawaii inspired bikini you must consider what will be flattering to the figure.  Too many Hawaii prints are loud and obnoxious.  Tropical inspiration is sexy and hot, but not when it makes you look like a tacky tourist.  A more subtle Hawaii accent looks the best.

When looking for the original Hawaii style bikini follow these simple tips.  Look for bikinis that have a fair amount of plain, non print fabric to them.  Such designs make the body look slenderized.  Solid neutral or vibrant colors look the most flattering on women carrying extra weight.  Solids help make you look skinny.  This Hawaii bikini is the perfect example of the right amount of Hawaiian influence.  The design is total Hawaii inspiration yet subtle and subdued. 

Remember that the solid color bikini lets the beauty of the girl shine through.  You want to wear the bikini not have the bikini wear you.  To enhance your natural beauty and feel your best pick a Hawaii bikini that has Hawaii accents rather than a print all over the entire bathing suit. 

Whether you are lounging at the beach, partying at poolside, or catching waves, a solid base color bikini with a Hawaii accent will help you look and feel your best.  This bikini is gorgeous all the way around.  Notice that it is sexy and natural but not too skimpy.  It has sturdy halter ties and a well fitted bottom.  This bikini is perfect for the active, natural girl.  Notice her tan in this wonderful photograph and how it offsets nicely to the light color swimsuit.  Remember, apply a fake tan rather than lie out for a real tan to avoid burn and sun damage.  Do a spray on prior to heading out in the sun and wear plenty of sunscreen in the sun.  Love!

Hawaii bikini

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