There is no better way to look fantastic in a bikini than by being in shape. As you can see with this simple white bikini, the simple and classic clean line looks amazing if you have a good body to showcase. What does this mean ladies? That you need to make that effort to get into bikini body shape for summer.

Yes it does take motivation to get your body into shape.  Hot and sunny weather tends to make you lethargic especially during the peak heat hours from eleven to three.  So get into the cool shade or enjoy air conditioning at the gym.  Cool off and get in shape at comfortable temperatures.  Wear sunscreen if you do venture out into the heat.  

Keep your fridge stocked up with healthy fresh food during the summer months.  Buy some fresh fuits, whole wheat bread, and veggie sandwich ingredients to keep your lunch meals light and healthy.  Make grilled kabobs with lean meats and vegetables on the skewers for a light dinner.  Keep cold water in the fridge and stay hydrated.  If  you start eating just a little cleaner, and exercising just a little more it can really do a number on your looks.

For your diet you’ll want to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. I find it easier to stay slender if I eat breakfast. Eating breakfast helps keep you feel full and you won’t be tempted to consume junky snacks as the day progresses. Every day or so be sure to take a quick walk even if it is only for ten or fifteen minutes. Minor changes in your diet and exercise program can really add up over time.  Just stick to healthy eating and get natural and safe exercise.

To top off the healthy lifestyle, you should cleanse and moisturize your skin and keep skin blemish free.  For a youthful looking body you should also remove unwanted hairs with a clean shave, waxing or laser treatments. For that perfect tan look try an at home gradual fake tanning lotion such as from Jergens, Neutrogena or Oil of Olay. If you have the money to spend on the tanning salon make your appointment for a spray tan such as mystic tan. Avoid the tanning beds as they radiate your skin and increase your cancer risk.  Opt for a fake golden tan instead because it is safer.

If you’ll be using spray tan be sure it is completely dry and adhered before wearing a bright white bikini as the tanning color may smear onto the fabric wrecking the perfect white color for good. Solid colors are slenderizing as they give a sleek appearance and create less visual distraction.

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