This white criss cross monokini swimsuit is super sexy and hot.  You can find uber sexy monokinis at online stores that feature clubwear, such as Amiclubwear.  They have the sexiest of the sexy swimsuits for sale.  If you are looking for sexy style ideas you can check out Ami for their hottest trends.

Criss cross swimsuits make you look curvy

This one piece monokini swimsuit features a criss cross front design with heavy clips and O rings, string tie halter top, and finished with a pucker back and side string ties. It’s Nylon/Spandex, comes in a variety of different colors, and is a very popular best selling swimsuit from Ami. Any sort of criss cross design is always hot and can help a straight up and down figure look more curvy than it really is.

Dark hair and tan contrast nicely with white swimsuits

There are a few things to be loved about this sexy monokini.  First of all the swimsuit is obviously super sexy.  Of course you will get weird tan lines with this swimsuit so you can’t bake on the beach in this one.  But you can wear it to a super glam pool party in Vegas or at an upscale resort.  Just be sure to wear sunscreen.  White of course goes great with contrasting brunette or black hair and a tan.  Get a fake tan, but don’t apply tanner immediately before wearing a white swimsuit or the tanner can rub off and stain the fabric.

Hourglass figure illusion of a small waist

The string ties going down the thighs are a great cover-up for thighs that are a bit chunky.  The strings hanging down hide thigh flaws and break the thigh up making it appear thinner.  The O-rings if you notice are more towards the center which gives the illusion of a small waist line.  If you have a wider waist then this style will S-curve you and make you look like you have more of an hour-glass body shape. 

Small chest looks sexy in a cross over top

The top on this swimsuit is so hot, but obviously if you have a large chest you will not have enough support on this one.  Therefore this is just perfect for a small chested or at least firm chested girl.  The big open cleavage makes the chest look so sexy even with small assets. 

Puckered bikini bottoms show off a bouncy derriere

The back of this swimsuit looks just like a bikini with one great touch which is that the back is puckered up the center of the bottom.  The seam and pucker style up the center of the back of the bikini bottom make a nice rear end look fantastic.  The top of the bikini in back has sort of a heart shape to it where it dips down slightly at the center.  If you have a flatter chest and a nice buttock this bikini is going to make you look incredible.



Ooh how I love this Aguaclara monokini for 2013. It’s called the Diosa De La Selva and I found it online at The Orchid Boutique. You can be the queen of the jungle in this dazzling colorful bikini. The snake print in day glow colors looks great on olive skin tone.

Flattering monokini

This is an example of a flattering monokini. It has the sex appeal of the bikini but can do a few things to hide figure flaws. First of all the swooping monokini creates an S-line at the waist which creates that hourglass figure look. Not only that but the bottoms provide moderate coverage at the rear so you won’t feel too exposed.

The plunging neckline shows the belly-button and makes a smaller flat chest look rocking sexy. The halter style ties at the neck and back. The top features removable padding in case you need some filler. The plunging neckline has beaded detail along the edges. With a string bottom that ties to adjust your desired fit, this swimsuit is hot, hot, hot. I love Aguaclara as a swimsuit designer, and Orchid Boutique always picks out the best of the best designer styles.

Aguaclara Diosa de la Selva



Monokinis come in and out of style from year to year.  While they can look like a diaper and create horrible tan lines, you can’t deny how sexy a hot monokini can be on the right girl. 

A monokini is a cross between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit.  usually the top connects somehow to the bottom either by a panel coming up to the middle of the swimsuit top, or by the two sides of the bottom connecting to the swimsuit top.  This green giraffe monokini from The Orchid Boutique online is super hot!

Monokinis can hide trouble spots

Depending on the coverage of the monokini they can be used to hide a few trouble spots, most notably a little tummy pooch.  Another way they flatter is by drawing attention more to the top or bottom.  One popular way they do this is by combining totally different fabrics in the design.  This is a popular trend to clash different fabrics together that match even thought they don’t match.

For example this girl can show off her boyish figure and create more illusion of curves with the green and white heart stopping animal print.  Meanwhile the cute top with the daisy design makes a smaller chest look piquant and adorable.  This heart-stopping monokini was found at Orchid Boutique online.  Orchid Boutique is a trendy online boutique where you can find halter, triangle, push up monokinis, Brazilian cut monokinis and a wide variety of monokini styles.  The nice thing about shopping at a small boutique is that you get the best of the best trendy swimsuits hand-picked out for you.

Monokinis give a voluptuous illusion

Monokini’s can create curves on a straght up and down figure and make a girl look more voluptuous than a bikini can.  The swooping fabric that connects the bottom to the top can curve or create an S-line as it comes up the waist.  This draws attention to hips and curves and creates an illusion of curves too as the skin peeks out around the fabric that connects top and bottom.

The Orchid Boutique

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