Monokinis come in and out of style from year to year.  While they can look like a diaper and create horrible tan lines, you can’t deny how sexy a hot monokini can be on the right girl. 

A monokini is a cross between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit.  usually the top connects somehow to the bottom either by a panel coming up to the middle of the swimsuit top, or by the two sides of the bottom connecting to the swimsuit top.  This green giraffe monokini from The Orchid Boutique online is super hot!

Monokinis can hide trouble spots

Depending on the coverage of the monokini they can be used to hide a few trouble spots, most notably a little tummy pooch.  Another way they flatter is by drawing attention more to the top or bottom.  One popular way they do this is by combining totally different fabrics in the design.  This is a popular trend to clash different fabrics together that match even thought they don’t match.

For example this girl can show off her boyish figure and create more illusion of curves with the green and white heart stopping animal print.  Meanwhile the cute top with the daisy design makes a smaller chest look piquant and adorable.  This heart-stopping monokini was found at Orchid Boutique online.  Orchid Boutique is a trendy online boutique where you can find halter, triangle, push up monokinis, Brazilian cut monokinis and a wide variety of monokini styles.  The nice thing about shopping at a small boutique is that you get the best of the best trendy swimsuits hand-picked out for you.

Monokinis give a voluptuous illusion

Monokini’s can create curves on a straght up and down figure and make a girl look more voluptuous than a bikini can.  The swooping fabric that connects the bottom to the top can curve or create an S-line as it comes up the waist.  This draws attention to hips and curves and creates an illusion of curves too as the skin peeks out around the fabric that connects top and bottom.

The Orchid Boutique

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