Never underestimate the importance of the beach bag!  When it comes to looking like that perfect dream woman this summer keep in mind that you want your entire outfit to mesh together perfectly.  A wonderful bikini or bathing suit matched with a tacky clashing beach bag can ruin your perfect look.  I just love this look by Butterflies and Bikinis.

Quintesssential white beach bag

Take this gorgeous beach bag look as advice.  Match the beach bag as best you can to the bikin or the coverup that you will be wearing.  Your goal should be to create a soothing overall look that jives together well.  I adore this simple white beach bag.  This I found at Butterfles and Bikinis online store.  I just love her look.  The simple black bikini with the mesh crochet coverup and simple white beach bag looks amazing.

If you will be toting around a bunch of junk to the beach it can pay to get a larger beachbag that can carry everything.  You can fit your shoes, smaller purse or handbag and towel inside of this carry bag.  That leads to a clean polished look where you are carrying one bag, not dragging a bunch of items around.  Keep it clean, fresh and polished for that perfect girl look.  She looks so put together and sleek.  Perfection!

Butterflies and Bikinis



I love Zeugari Beachwear Inc! God this designer has such sexy collections for the glamorous woman. You can look like a celebrity, supermodel, rock star or just a famous person wearing their swimwear because they lock onto the hottest fashion forward trends.  Their styles remind me of the way Kirsten Stewart dresses. Sort of edgy, trendy, fashion forward. Geometric colors, black and white, zippers and sexy hot celebrity touches. Love this swimsuit designer!

Rock star triangle zipper top

Step out in Zeugari’s rock star collection.  This bikini features adjustable zipper detailing and suspender clips with unique backs to complement this bold line.  The bikini top helps maximize cleavage with molded cups and working zipper.  Totally cool suspender clips and a racer back gives this top a unique look. Fully lined. 90% nylon, 10% Lycra. Made in Canada.

Rock star wide band bottom

Step out in Zeugari’s rock star collection features adjustable zipper detailing and sexy suspender clips with unique backs to complement this bold line. This wide band Brazilian bottom features zipper detailing to enhance the hips. So unique.  A seam is sewn in the back to further accentuate the curves. Fully lined. 90% nylon, 10% Lycra. Made in Canada

Check out Zeugari swimsuits on Zeugari.com or search in google for Zeugari swimsuits as many of the top online boutiques carry items from their collections. Their swimsuits aren’t cheap but still worth the investment. This top costs $83 and the bottoms $68, sold as separates. This swimsuit is sexy, sulty, and smoking hot as all getout!  The little suspender clamps on the top and the zippers are just the coolest.  Go Canada.


This stallion suede one piece swimsuit by Crystal Jin 2012 swimwear is beautiful and makes a flatter chest look completely sexy.  I found this one piece featured in a cute online boutique called Swimwear Boutique. This gorgeous one piece has a stylish 2 piece look to it and hides a belly, love handles, and bigger bottom.  This is perfect for an athletic build woman with a flatter chest.

Beautiful faux suede swimsuit by Crystal Jin 2012

The Willete one piece beautiful faux suede suit features a halter neckline and sliding solid hardware at each of the two straps.  The suit has a mid back so it shows the right amount of skin.  The ties at the neck are solidly supportive yet supple and soft.  The bottom provides moderate coverage and the suit is fully lined.  It is made of Nylon and Elastane to give a beautiful faux suede effect.  This swim suit can be put to work without crying PETA as it is only simulated suede not real suede.

This faux suede swimsuit style flatters a flat chest

The darker color of this swimsuit is slenderizing.  For a girl that is slightly thick through her waist line area, the flattering cut and style swimsuit is a godsend.  If you notice there is a thick brown band of fabric going around the underneath of the triangle style top.  This midriff band gives a slenderizing effect and helps create more of a waistline silhouette.

The modest coverage around the belly, hips, thighs and tummy make this a total winner for a modest girl.  Some girls in college won’t even be seen in a bathing suit because they feel like they can’t meet the perfect soriority girl ideal.  Wrong.  This suit really flatters a little thicker tank body and flat chest.  For a flatter chest girl, the trick of showing some serious skin in the triangle top is utterly sexy.  In fact, only a smaller chested girl can pull off this sexy bare chest look.

This swimsuit is Faux Suede so no need to worry about PETA

The dark brown color of this swimsuit with the low key pattern makes it look luxurious, sexy and oh so touchable.  She has the bold necklace and especially the wild and tousled beach hair to complement the swimsuit style.  For animalistic looks like this one, the big hair is a definite do. 

Think of the days of teased hair and Cindy Crawford.  Wash hair with volumizing shampoo, skip the hair brush for a piecey textured look, and blow dry hair with the head flipped over for maximum volume.  A high volume, textured  beachy hair-style goes perfectly with an animal inspired sexy swimsuit like this one.

Faux suede swimsuit

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