Sometimes you can find wonderful swimsuits in the least expected places. This adorable swimsuit available at Forever 21, is a flattering black, with an adorable mesh center that gives the swimsuit a little bit of an edge. This is really a winning swimsuit design.

The bottom of this swimsuit has a flattering leg that does provide coverage. For a figure flattering effect, the top neck line is rather plunging. This is a great trick for plus size women with ample assets who do not realize that their chest is part of their sex appeal and they look luscious voluptuous. Women are too busy being upset that they are overweight or imperfect, when you can use what you do have going for you to counteract any negatives.

Swimsuit that makes you look taller and thinner

Notice the slick trick on this swimsuit which is that the mesh panel is high up on the suit, just under the chest line. This is so great because it really gives you a visual body lift and draws the eyes upward towards the V-neck top rather than downward towards problem areas such as tummy, hips, thighs and legs. The end result is that your body looks both taller and thinner in this swimsuit.

If you are self-conscious about bigger arms, halter type styles like this one are really flattering. Not only do they provide plenty of support, but they look cute on a woman with a broader chest and arms. Overall, this plus size swimsuit is a great deal. You can find this and more at Forever21 store online.

Forever 21

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