It is always great fun to look at novelty swimwear. I like Pink Impulse for a fun surf through lingerie’s, costumes, accessories, bridal, burlesque, club-wear, hosiery, swimwear and shoes. It is a fun site and Pink Impulse International always has novelty and occasion outfits that are sexy and fun. Looking at the different styles gives us that mental boost because ladies it is time to get your groove on and get ready for summer. No matter your size, your personality is key and you will sparkle when you are able to have a little fun with style.

Faux fur playful spirit swimsuit

This Aqua Vines faux tie side silver beads bikini really dazzles. Not sure if you would really be practical at the beach or pool in this one, but if you are looking to take some great fun swimsuit shots for memories, try it out! This swimsuit features pucker-back, tie-side, silver beads, and a sexy vines print with bright light blue/turquoise color appeal. It is Polyester/faux fur so Peta lovers can relax. Front lined. Made in USA.

One slenderizing trick demonstrated by this swimsuit is that long side ties can slenderize the legs. They hang down to the side and can help minimize a larger thigh area. Their model is just gorgeous and they styles are fun. For a furry swimsuit idea, you can’t get much cuter than this. What we can learn from this Agua Vines is that a girl with a playful personality reigns supreme. Even if this swimsuit is just for a photo idea or theme party or just for your boyfriends eyes only, it just says fun and playful.

PinkImpulse International

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