Ran across this cool bikini hoodie concept on English website The Guardian.  Great website with their Life & Style Fashion section.  They show awesome photographs and give credit to the fashion photographer, the fashion editor, the makeup artist, hair stylist and even location.  Plus, you get to see where to purchase all of the items displayed and even are given links where to buy them!

Be original! A unique swimsuit coverup like this hoodie

A lightweight hoodie like this one is a great idea for a unique swimsuit coverup! Shown is a Theory hoodie, Heidi Klein bikini, sequins skirt from Top Shop, necklace by Pippa Small for Matches Fashion, ring from Harvey Nichols, ring from Priyank for Trilogy Stores, and thread bracelets ad black beads by Scosha from Kabikit.  The stunning result, a cool hoodie bikini look! 

This is a great style look right here.  The cool gray hoodie looks awesome against the shimmer brown bikini and the necklaces and jewelry look fantastic too.  This is such a hip look., and something that you would not think of combining.  Next time you see a cool little hoodie it may be the perfect accessory for that sexy bikini. Try it out! 

Silky fabrics and textures give dimension

This picture shows us that adding rich colors to your bikini style will give you great dimension and contrast.  The silky soft hoodie gives a three-dimensional effect and the result is edgy and luxurious at the same time. 

Notice that jewel tones really add deep brilliance to the look.  What to learn here, is that vibrant jewel tones and textures materials are extremely flattering. The silky gray hoodie with the silky shimmer brown bikini top looks funky and ritzy all of the same time.  Great look by the photograph and stylists.  Check out the Gaurdian for more.

Check out The Guardian for more fashion pictures it’s a great site.  They have more pictures of edgy bikini looks with full photo credits and purchase information for all items.

The Guardian

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