This bright light blue tankini is rather adorable.  I like the clean look of the blue, it sort of matches the beach.  The color is slenderizing but it still gives a good pop of summer time fun.

Hide the tummy

This swimsuit shows and example of that under ruffle.  It is flattering because the darker blue under-layer of the tankini top helps tuck in and hide a chubby belly. 

Some women aren’t overweight but they still have a belly pooch.  This can be from pregnancy or weight gain then weight loss.  You might have that extra muffin roll of skin around the tummy that you just can’t get rid of.  Or maybe your body is back into athletic shape but you want to hide the mask of pregnancy.  That’s the darker color line that goes from belly button to pantie line during pregnancy.

Too many layers can make you start to look like a tiered wedding cake or something. But his clean underlayer in a slightly deeper color is strategic for the body.  You can cover a little belly with this and still look fantastic.  The bottom is flattering, a moderate scoop bottom.  The top also is cute, the halter strap gives plenty of support and the gathering of the straps on top of the top triangle is a cute touch.  All in all, pretty cute considering this is a tankini.

Light blue tankini

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  1. Where can I find this?????

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