I love the swimwear and lingerie selection at Elite Fashion Swimwear. They always have the best trends in swimsuits with a wonderful online store.  This photograph was part of a designer project where one of their designers creating bathing suits that had fringed designs.

This swimsuit may not be the most practical of styles however, it shows a fun playful spirit. This swimsuit would be great for a photo shoot, because the colors pop so well. I like the bright red color! A zap of vibrant color is an attraction feature especially for men. Men love the color red on women because it stands out.

If you want to adopt a playful theme then a swimsuit such as this is perfect for a party, barbeque, or gathering where there is a western theme.   If you look at the bottom of this swimsuit its adorable. You could pair that bottom with a plain red or black swimsuit top. Likewise, you could pair the top with a solid bottom.

While this swimsuit might be a bit much, since it is  more of a designer show piece than a practical wear, it does exude playfulness and fun. It exemplifies the popularity of fringe collections for 2012.  Another point to make about this swimsuit is that it is sexy but not skimpy.  In interview with men they overwhelmingly prefer a swimsuit with body coverage more than ones that you fall out of.  Both bottom and top are sexy but have ample coverage nonetheless.  Bandeau tops are always a favorite look with men too.  Love Elite Fashion Swimwear!

Elite Fashion Swimwear

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