There are certain swimsuits that are truly timeless. The black string bikini is definitely one of them. This swimsuit (I believe this is Kaley Cuoco – so gorgeous in this stunning photograph) graced the web as a popularĀ free wallpaper for a reason. The model looks amazing and the style is totally timeless.

Timeless black swimsuit

You don’t need a particular brand name designer to get this look. You’ll find a simple black string bikini at most bikini stores because it is a classic style. If you are trying to get that worn by celebrity look, going all black is tried and true. If you are slender, then any black swimsuit will do. You can get a similar look with a simple black maillot one piece. A black one piece will give you more coverage and still give you that timeless look if you want it.

Let a little bit of skin peek through

A tiny black bikini is going to look incredible on a beautiful woman, but be warned that too much black material covering the entire body takes away from the light and breezy summer feeling. If you are overweight, then there are certain tips to follow when it comes to all black. For a heavier figure you want a black swimsuit that has some cut-outs on it, or perhaps a lower cut back that shows your back, or maybe a good deep V-neck. The key is to avoid huge swaths of black swimsuit material. Even a little keyhole or lace up strings can break up an all black one piece. The reason is that an all black swimsuit on a larger woman, that covers the entire body, can sort of stand out as way too dark and depressing. It can look like you are trying to hide yourself and make you stand out even more. A black swimsuit looks best when you can see a little bit of skin too, even if it’s just a small keyhole or your back that is showing skin.

The key to wearing black and looking amazing in it no matter what your body size is, is to make sure there is some skin showing or maybe even a burst of color, on a larger body. Too much black cloth can be dreary. If you are looking at plus sizes, go for a black suit that shows your back, or has a nice V-neck design in the front. This gives you a break from all the black and flatters the figure. The key to a black swimsuit is finding one that really looks amazing and showcases a beautiful part of your figure, be it back, shoulders, or upper chest. As long as you find the right fit and style, a timeless black bikini or one-piece is always going to give you that chic, I am a celebrity look!

Classic black bikini

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