Exotic bathing suits are in style.  Usually exotic swimming suits are the ones that have complicated cutouts, skimpy pasties, plunging necklines and one pieces that are barely there, skimpy slings of material.  The really skimpy exotic swimsuit is obviously going to work only for those girls and women that have fabulously sexy bodies.  You might be able to get away with wearing a skimpy number if you arrange yourself perfectly on the towel or lounge chair and never get up from it.

It’s almost depressing, but never fear!  Exotic swimsuits are starting to encompass all sorts of different styles.  Exotic does not have to mean skimpy and swimsuit manufacturers are figuring that out.  An exotic bathing suit is exotic mainly because its different.  There is a fabulous material, interesting texture, incredible fabric, just something that stands out from the crowd.  More and more, swimwear designers are creating bathing suits with exotic sensibility for the real women.

That means there is more coverage, body slimming features, and plus sizes available.  Just look for that added detail in the fabric, ties, closures, strings or clasps.  Something that sets a suit apart.

Blumarine is a historic brand line for the Italian company called Blufin S.p.A.  A passion and love of the sea was the inspiration behind their Blumarine label and swimsuit designs.  The fabulous exotic swimsuit shown here from their collection of a few years back makes the point that it doesn’t have to be the skimpiest one piece sling or thong to be sexy.  Just the dazzling tropical fabric and the purple trim with the butterflies make this boyshort romantic inspired.  The exotic element is that big sash tie ribbon for the halter top.  Rarely do tropical patterns look pretty since they are so easily touristy and tacky.  This one is the exception.  The fabric has a breezy romantic attitude, and its a boy short coupled together with a feminine unique top.  I love the thick ribbon tie back sash.

The trick when you look for an exotic suit (but aren’t going to make the squeeze into a micro mini bikini) is to stop looking for skimp, and start looking for uniqueness.  A unique color, stones, clasps, webbing, fabric, jewels, or any inspiration that makes the suit jump out at you is going to hit the exotic chord.  When trying on swimsuits you might encounter a few that work, but aren’t superstars.  Keep shopping because if  you try on enough suits you will eventually find the perfect bathing suit that flatters your figure and has a unique edge to it.  That’s the swim suit to buy.  It should have that exotic appeal without being ridiculously revealing. 

No matter what your weight or figure type is you need to hold out for that swimsuit that you finally think, this actually makes me look great!  The swimsuit to buy is the one that is a definite yes in your mind, not a maybe or I’ll come back for it.

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