This unique bikini is from a hometown Malibu swimsuit designer.  Cory from Ritual Brand loves to put out hip swimsuits that are one of a kind.  She started from a garage in Venice Beach, California and moved to Malibu.  Her brand Ritual Brand is not well known outside of Southern California but in Malibu people know who this hip designer is. 

Exotic Bikinis

Malibu swimwear designer Cory makes one of a kind bikinis for her own boutique brand Ritual, and the swimsuits usually feature sexy bright colors and high contrast.  This makes for stand out styles perfect for the girl or woman who wants to make a stand out fashion statement.  If you want to wear a bikini with high heels and make heads turn then look no further.  This bikini with fun animal trim is an example of her campy but sexy So cal designs.  What is special about her bikinis is all in the details.  Braided rope ties, fringe, tassels or unique strange fabric and color combinations are part and parcel of her designs.

If you want to stand out in your bikini and really make a statement of originality, look for swimwear from the local designers in your area who put their heart and soul into each swimsuit.  The attention to detail and trim, ties, colors and fabrics really make a swimsuit special.   Look for special details and that swimsuit that you’d never be able to find on a major retailers sales rack.  One of a kind all the way.

Have fun doing a photoshoot in a one of a kind hot bikini

While swimsuits and high heels are a little unwearable they nevertheless make for fantastic photo shoots.  Remember with camera in hand you can take one hundred photos and pick the best one to post on your social media!  Do you want to have a fun day with friends taking hot pictures for your Facebook, or Instagram pages?  Suits like these flashy and colorful designer ones are absolutely great for photo shoot fun with friends.  Put on some makeup and high heels and with a suit like this you’ll create a lasting image for social media or boyfriend.  You think you are too shy? Guys love this and guess what a girl that can let her hair down be playful and a little bit fun is attractive to men.  Just make sure you are covered well and showing your best camers angles, then strike a pose.

Exotic malibu bikinis from Ritual Brand clothing

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